Trump’s Denial of the Obvious Compounds His Mistake – Ep. 382

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Trump Suffers Huge Double Blow

Yesterday, two key people – one the President’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was convicted of multiple counts of serious financial crimes, and later that day, Michael Cohen, the President’s personal attorney, copped a plea to multiple financial crimes. So you have two key figures in Trump’s campaign who are not criminals.

Violation of Campaign Finance Laws

Now, obviously, the President has not admitted to a crime, he has not been convicted of a crime, but still – guilt by association. The most problematic, at least thus far, is the fact that one of the crimes that Micheal Cohen pled guilty to had to do with violation of campaign finance laws. He made two large payments ($100,000+) to two women, one was a porn star and one was an ex-Playboy playmate. Both of these women claimed that they had had affairs with Donald Trump. In order to buy their silence, to pay them off, Donald Trump funneled some money, through Michael Cohen, to these two women.

Trump’s Original Story Doesn’t Make Sense

Of course, Donald Trump claims that he knew nothing about it – that Michael Cohen just decided on his own to make these payments and Donald Trump didn’t even know about it. That was his original story until he changed his story and said he found out about it later. Although, they even have a tape recording of Donald Trump and Michael Cohen discussing how to make the payments before they were made.

Guilt By Association

Of course, Trump’s version of the story doesn’t make sense. But now Michael Cohen, as part of his plea, said that the payments that he made were made at the direction of the President. Donald Trump asked him to make the payments, he made the payments, and he has now pled guilty to the crime of making those payments. So if it was criminal for Michael Cohen to pay off these women the way he did, well then obviously the President conspired to commit that crime.