Trump Loses It on Twitter – Ep. 494

Recorded August 23, 2019

A Bad Day for Everybody Except the Democratic Candidates

If you are one of the Democrats running for President, today was a pretty good day for you. But it was a bad day for just about everybody else; I guess other than gold investors, which I clearly am, but I’m also an American and I hate to see bad things happening to my country, even though I know bad things are going to happen.  I would just rather be among those who profit from these events than suffer additional monetary loss in addition to the losses you endure as an American citizen as a result of the ensuing chaos and loss of liberties.

President Trump Lost It on Twitter

Today, President Trump really kind of lost it. On Twitter.  Real time.  Maybe what Trump needs is somebody to be his official Twitter filter. Maybe there should be a policy where when Trump wants to tweet, there is like a one or two hour cooling off period where the tweets get reviewed, maybe edited, maybe someone gets to talk a little sense into him before he tweets.  But today’s tweet storm probably really indicates that the White House, I think, is in disarray. I think the President realizes that the air is coming out of this big, fat, ugly bubble.  That he’s not going to get out of Dodge.

CBO Revised Up Budget Deficit Estimate Again

He’s trying to pretend that the economy is in great shape, yet we’re hearing rumors that we need a payroll tax cut, we need stimulus for the economy.  Why would you stimulate an economy that’s doing great? If we have the greatest economy in the history of America, why does it need even more fiscal stimulus? After all, we already have the most fiscal stimulus ever. We have the largest budget deficits in history.  In fact the Congressional Budget Office this week came out and revised up again their estimates for the deficit.