Clueless in Davos

By: Peter Schiff, President and CEO Euro Pacific Capital Making their annual pilgrimage to the exclusive Swiss ski sanctuary of Davos last week, the world’s

Data Be Damned, Rate Hike Ahead?

We are just about a week away from the Federal Reserve’s first rate increase in about 10 years Everybody believes the stage is set for

QE’s Creeping Communism

By: Peter Schiff, President and CEO Euro Pacific Capital Most economists and investors readily acknowledge that the current period of central bank activism, characterized by

Groundhog Day at the Fed

By: Peter Schiff, President and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Every dictator knows that a continuous state of emergency is the best means to justify

The Embarrassment of Transparency

Below please find the latest commentary from Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital. Please feel free to excerpt or repost with proper attribution and

Give’Em the Old Razzle Dazzle

Janet Yellen channels Billy Flynn? Last week the Fed Chairwoman treated us to a master class of rhetorical misdirection which produced some memorable examples of

A Patient Fed Considers Losing Patience

The below is an abridged version of a longer article that appears in the Winter 2015 Euro Pacific Global Investor Newsletter I have always argued that quantitative easing