Peter Schiff’s Bitcoin Challenge Live Stream

First Live YouTube Event

Welcome to the Peter Schiff Bitcoin Challenge. First of all, I have to make a confession. I really was not familiar with YouTube live streaming and live chatting, and so the way I thought about this in my head; I thought that people were going to be able to talk. Like a Skype group conversation. People would be able to actually engage me and make their case in their own voice, and to be able to have a little back and forth.

Post a Cogent Argument

I didn’t realize that the way I had to do this was with a chat, where people who want to make a point have to do it by chat. So I’m going to try my best.  Hopefully, this format can work. There are so many chats going by, it is hard to keep track of them. But I want to see if people can put together a cogent, concise argument.  Think of it like you’re composing a tweet. I can try to address each point, and try to take in what you’re trying to tell me as to why I’m wrong about Bitcoin, and why I should actually be embracing it as digital gold.

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So, what I’m going to try to do is to see the best points that are being made on this chat, then read it out loud, and then address it, make a statement and the person who authored that particular text listens to what I have to say, if they want to do a follow up or something, they can do that, and hopefully I will see that follow up. I’m doing this chat in my home studio in Connecticut. I’m in the studio where I normally do my video blogs, so if you’re new to this channel, you should subscribe it.  Two or three times a week a do these video blogs (podcasts) where I talk about all sorts of things that are relevant to people who buy Bitcoin.