Biden Advisor Proposes National Paid Vacation – Ep 627

Biden advisor proposes another lockdown; says the Fed will pay everyones’ wages. Is it a Trojan horse for UBI? No recovery in sight for the economy, only a relapse. Democrats fight for Senate control through Georgia. Americans in their 70s taking on record debt. 60 Minutes Australia compounds their damages.

There’s No Vaccine for What Really Ails the U.S. Economy – Ep 626

Big moves in all the markets on news of COVID vaccine from Pfizer. COVID vaccine will not be ready soon. Investors sell stay-at-home stocks and buy the leave-the-house stocks. Gold gets thrown out with the safe-havens. Bitcoin has the least volatility. Statehood for Puerto Rico would be a disaster.

Dollar Dumps as Stock Market Pumps – Ep 625

Investors having deer in headlights moment. The light at the end of the tunnel is a Mac truck. Rally in gold stocks are a small taste of what’s ahead. Biden has the same tricks to play as Trump. Biden, like Trump, criticizes the stock market as a candidate and will

Investors are as Clueless as Pollsters – Ep 624

The election polls were horribly wrong. Blue wave barely makes a splash. Wall Street content with the election results. Biden will reregulate what Trump deregulated. Biden regulations will take toll on workers. China and pharmaceutical companies optimistic on Biden. Pot stocks get smoked. Ranked voting would blow open the Democrat

Worst Pre-Election Stock Market Week in History – Ep 623

US stock market has worst week since March. Wall Street bought on the rumor of a Biden win; now selling before it becomes a fact. Selling will continue even after he wins. It’s all about the Fed and nobody cares. Losses will be most pronounced in the bond market. Fed

All Bubbles Eventually Find a Pin – Ep 622

Stock markets tumble on renewed fears. Blue wave may not crest as once was expected. More stimulus comes with bigger government. Trump is the Republican Jimmy Carter. Trump’s legacy will be his successful Supreme Court nominees. The most important thing this election is to prevent Democrats from taking control of

Was the Hatchet Job on Me a Snow Job on Australia? – Ep 621

Addressing the elephant in the room. Australian media accuses me of masterminding the biggest money laundering and tax evasion scheme in the history of the world. Realtors, accountants, lawyers may soon be required to spy on their clients. Real Bitcoiners respect me. Fake Bitcoiners hate me. PayPal announces Bitcoin news.

America Has Never Been Less Great – Ep 620

Bank analysts want more artificial stimulus. Retail sales surge while production crashes. PPP monkey business driving spike in business applications. Borrowing from poorer countries is a sign of decay, not strength. The income tax is proof that Americans are not a free people. Hunter Biden compromises national security and economy.

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Fed Statement Commentary

Fed Statement Commentary

The commentary below is from Peter Schiff, Chief Economist and Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital and author of the The Real Crash: America’s Coming Bankruptcy.

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