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Self-inflicted Wounds Can Be Just as Fatal – Ep 562

Markets rallied yesterday and surrendered it all back today. Financials did not participate in yesterday’s rally, signaling trouble ahead. Banks getting backdoor bailouts. Lenders clamping down on mortgages as housing market prepares to collapse. Donald Trump buys votes with voters’ money. 2020 Election comes down to a Democrat vs. a

Gold Smokes Bitcoin – Ep 561

Gold hits 7 year high and is still cheaper than it’s ever been. Mining stocks even better bargain than the metals. Amazon and Netflix overvalued and waiting for bottom to drop. Don’t fight the Fed. Still not too late to buy gold. Presidential election will be a bidding war for

More QEs than Super Bowls – Ep 560

Another week, another multi-trillion dollar Fed program. Government spending has to be paid in either taxation or inflation and we’re about to pay for it in spades. Trump draining the whole country instead of just the swamp – will add more debt in 4 years than Bush did in 8.

Former Fed Chairs Still as Clueless as Ever – Ep 559

Markets overly optimistic that the worst is behind us. Trump keeps his friends close and his enemies closer – gets Kudlow to repudiate everything he spent an entire career advocating. Fed chairs past and present are clueless. RINO DJT joins the ranks of FDR, JFK, and LBJ Dems. Must watch

Is Recovering from Depression to Recession a Recovery? – Ep 558

Jobs numbers came out today and the news didn’t matter. Art Laffer knows there’s no free lunch – calls stimulus taxation. Nothing is as permanent as a temporary government program. S&P reaffirms US AA+ rating. RATE AND REVIEW the Peter Schiff Show Podcast on Facebook. SIGN UP FOR MY

The Tide is Out and Everyone’s Been Swimming Naked – Ep 557

China cashing in treasuries for oil. Unemployment exploding. Bankruptcies and layoffs to continue. The old saying about the piper having to be paid is an old saying for a reason. RATE AND REVIEW the Peter Schiff Show Podcast on Facebook. SIGN UP FOR MY FREE NEWSLETTER Schiff Gold

The Fed’s Medicine Makes the Economy Sicker – Ep 556

Trying to fix this economy is like trying to unscramble an egg. Government short circuiting capitalism. Investors will rush to sell and there won’t be any buyers. Politicians exploiting coronavirus to grab power, buy votes, hide blame. RATE AND REVIEW the Peter Schiff Show Podcast on Facebook. SIGN UP

Printing Money Doesn’t Make Government Free – Ep 555

Full speed ahead to hyperinflation city. Congress passed a 2.2 trillion dollar bill and already want more. Employment is a hazard. Unemployment may become a gravy train. Inflationary pressure mounting as companies retool their factories to make masks, ventilators, sanitizer, and other coronavirus related products. Donald Trump is now the

America is Already a Socialist Nation – Ep 554

Here’s the link to Dave Ramsey agreeing with Peter Schiff: Thomas Massie vilified for having integrity. Every other Republican should change their party affiliation to Democrat. Bankruptcies don’t destroy industries — they destroy moral hazards. Bernie may be a socialist, but Trump is officially a communist now. US government

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Trump's China Blunder

Trump’s Last Stand

The commentary below is from Peter Schiff, Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, a division of A.G.P. / Alliance Global Partners, a Registered Investment Advisor

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Fed Statement Commentary

Fed Statement Commentary

The commentary below is from Peter Schiff, Chief Economist and Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital and author of the The Real Crash: America’s Coming Bankruptcy.

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