The Stock Market Needs the Fed More Than Gold – Ep 614

Dollar rallies in the face of stock market fall. Bubble stocks more bubblicious. Monetary stimulus only stimulates inflation. Daymond John wants the government to print more money. It’s not an L-Shape or V-Shape recovery, because it’s not a recovery. Too much can kicking has made the can too big. Democrats

Political Tension Puts Near-Term “Stimulus” in Doubt – Ep 613

Everything gets slammed. Chart looking weak for the Dow and Russell, strong for silver. Bloom coming off the rose of economic recovery. Political tensions rise with death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. US government is the biggest threat to America, not terrorists or COVID. Fiscal stimulus requires monetary stimulus. The constitution

Fed Not Dovish Enough for Markets – Ep 612

Rough ride for the indexes this week. Fed commits to 0% interest rates until 2023. Neel Kashkari thinks that’s not enough. Air is coming out of the retail sales bubble. Temporarily closed businesses close permanently. Markets ignoring dangerous warning signs. Trump stabs Republicans in the back. American energy companies are

Soaking the rich will drown everyone else – Ep 611

Secretary of Treasury is really Secretary of Debt Fed doesn’t think Americans are in enough pain. Education and healthcare are too important for the government to be involved in. Biden pledges to nationalize corporate America. The road to serfdom is better than the road we’re on now. Episode Sponsor: ExpressVPN

Fiercest Fires Were Lit by the Fed – Ep 610

Markets end week on a mixed note. Gold consolidating support above previous highs. Fed has come out of the closet. Alan Greenspan sounds more like Peter Schiff as he gets older. Government did more harm to Americans with the War on Terror than the terrorists did. Government doing more harm

The Dollar and Bonds are Bigger Bubbles Than Stocks – Ep 609

NASDAQ has a full blown correction. TSLA is the poster child of the stock market craziness. Slack is not an investment. Air coming out of stock market bubble. Dave Portnoy is the poster child of day traders. Bitcoin’s support is weakening. Invest like me: RATE AND REVIEW the Peter

Did the Biggest Bubble Ever Just Pop? – Ep 608

The biggest bubble may have popped without a pin. Charts show bad omen for the NASDAQ. The biggest bubble ever won’t die easily. Strength in gold stocks improving. Tesla (TSLA) sells off. Treasury market killed. China commits to dumping US treasuries. Bond market’s bottom ready to drop. Bitcoin may never

The Best Of Times During The Worst Of Times

While most people generally understand that the stock market and the economy do not move in lock step, there is still an underlying belief that a strong market reflects a strong economy. But according to that logic, our current economy must be historically strong. If this strikes you as strange,

The Biggest Bubble Ever – Ep 607

S&P has its best August since 1986. APPL and TSLA continue soaring after splits. TSLA rains on its own parade. Zoom zooms. Loot this book. George Floyd died of a drug overdose. McDonald’s sued for treating black owners equal to white owners. Rampant wave of race-based lawsuits on the way.

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Baghdad Donald

Baghdad Donald

The commentary below is from Peter Schiff, Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, a division of A.G.P. / Alliance Global Partners, a Registered Investment Advisor

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Trump Kills the Tea Party

Trump Kills the Tea Party

By: Peter Schiff, Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital After claiming to be the greatest at just about everything, Donald Trump has finally found

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Art Laffer

Laffer Gets Laughable

By: Peter Schiff, Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital While the willingness to abandon long held beliefs for political gain has always been a

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