The Fed Flunks Monetary Policy – Ep 701

Worse than expected inflation report furthers transitory fantasy. Fed failing its mandates. IRS abates my excessive $1.4M penalty. US using Covid to keep citizens from getting passports.

Surging Inflation Is Anything but Transitory – Ep 700

Consumer prices on the rise and going higher. Markets figuring out the Fed can’t fix Inflation. Trump calls Bitcoin a scam. Michael Saylor goes on damage control with Hannity. Biden’s administration wages class warfare against rich with IRS leak.

Financial Media Downplays Inflation Risk – Ep 699

Inflation is on the rise and so is denial about it. Oil prices reach their highest levels since Covid began. Broken bond market and rising stock market are not evidence of low inflation. Janet Yellen admits higher inflation is coming, but says it’s a good thing. Global minimum tax is

The U.S Dollar Is a Meme Currency – Ep 698

Contradictory jobs reports creating market volatility. Russia begins dumping dollars and buying other currencies and gold. AMC buyers think they’re sticking it to the man as they hand their money to institutions. Bitcoin 2021 kicks off in Miami. Ron Paul does not believe in Bitcoin. Gold has never been easier

Americans Lost Every War – Ep 697

Falling Dollar elevating Yuan. China increases its child limit. Ray Dalio didn’t endorse Bitcoin; he condemned treasury bonds. American soldiers died protecting our freedoms, but our freedoms didn’t survive the wars. Truth in advertising should apply to legislation.

Inflation Tax Already Destroying Purchasing Power – Ep 695

Gold close to breakout and dollar close to break down. Fed admits unpleasant inflation is a possibility. Major disappointment in home buyer data. Surplus of money is pricing Americans out of the home and automobile market. Government begins blaming companies for higher prices instead of inflation. Don’t let your money


It’s dawning on many investors that our post-Covid financial problems may not be as easily solved as Washington claims. The latest clue that trouble is brewing has come from the sudden and dramatic arrival of inflation. On May 12, it was revealed that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) had risen 4.2%

Bitcoin Is Nothing Like Gold – Ep 694

Rotation continues from momentum to value as Bitcoin investors turn to gold. China is the excuse, not the reason for the Bitcoin bubble bursting. This Crypto Winter may be the longest and most brutal of all. Dave Portnoy shills Safemoon gimmick. Coinbase may be the biggest failure vs. expectations of

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Clash of the Titans

In the decades that I have been listening to politicians clumsily trying to explain the economy there has never been a period, with the possible

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