Markets Are Not Buying What the Fed Is Selling – 670

St. Patrick’s Day green turns into a sea of red. CPI is another government lie. Markets worried the Fed will fight inflation. Gold mining stocks strengthen. Tensions rise as China puts Biden administration in a PR box. The same problems are now playing out on a bigger stage.

Fed Turns Screens Green for St Patrick’s Day – Ep 669

Markets rally as Fed continues its game of chicken. Jerome Powell gambling that this time things will be different. Gold and silver up. Dollar down. Bank of America agrees, Bitcoin is just for gambling. Morgan Stanley allows restricted crypto speculating to high net worth investors.

Anchors Aweigh. Adrift in a Sea of Inflation – Ep 668

Dow breaks its streak of seven day record highs. Import and export prices rise. Home building prices rise. Expansive tax hikes coming on income. NFT mania moves to virtual sneakers. I lost $4,000 HODLing my tweet.

Fed Playing Chicken with Bond Market – Ep 667

Investors starting to adopt my thesis. Money doesn’t create purchasing power. Biden’s stimulus is just a down payment. Massive loopholes will be exploited. Artists and athletes like Beeple and Gronk are ripping off their fans.

Peak Insanity – Ep 666

NASDAQ enters into a correction. Cathy Wood buys overpriced momentum stocks. The madness of crowds has reached an all-time high. NFTs are for rookies. Tweets for sale!

Fed Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Ep 665

Oil prices surge to two year highs. Restaurants being allowed to reopen is not employment strength. Jerome Powell spooks the markets with his false sense of confidence. Bitcoin trading like a NASDAQ stock with no earnings.

Fed Gets RBA to Do Its Dirty Work – Ep 664

Big gains on Monday give back on Tuesday. Australia doubles down on their QE program. US stock market rally made in Australia. Kevin Leary has Bitcoin backwards. Mark Cuban unknowingly refutes his own arguments. Democrats play politics with Wealth Tax. Anybody can consume, saving capital is the tough part

Inflation Is No Threat to Gold – Ep 663

Stock markets end February hemorrhaging. March may start with a black Monday blood bath. Meme stocks mania add to the market craziness. Cancel culture insanity infects The Bachelor. Don’t assume Mr. Potatohead’s gender. How will the future generations judge us?

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