Worst Pre-Election Stock Market Week in History – Ep 623

US stock market has worst week since March. Wall Street bought on the rumor of a Biden win; now selling before it becomes a fact. Selling will continue even after he wins. It’s all about the Fed and nobody cares. Losses will be most pronounced in the bond market. Fed

All Bubbles Eventually Find a Pin – Ep 622

Stock markets tumble on renewed fears. Blue wave may not crest as once was expected. More stimulus comes with bigger government. Trump is the Republican Jimmy Carter. Trump’s legacy will be his successful Supreme Court nominees. The most important thing this election is to prevent Democrats from taking control of

Was the Hatchet Job on Me a Snow Job on Australia? – Ep 621

Addressing the elephant in the room. Australian media accuses me of masterminding the biggest money laundering and tax evasion scheme in the history of the world. Realtors, accountants, lawyers may soon be required to spy on their clients. Real Bitcoiners respect me. Fake Bitcoiners hate me. PayPal announces Bitcoin news.

America Has Never Been Less Great – Ep 620

Bank analysts want more artificial stimulus. Retail sales surge while production crashes. PPP monkey business driving spike in business applications. Borrowing from poorer countries is a sign of decay, not strength. The income tax is proof that Americans are not a free people. Hunter Biden compromises national security and economy.

Almost Everything the Federal Government Does is Unconstitutional – Ep 619

US stock market breaks a 4 day winning streak. Enormous tax hikes being proposed dwarf tax cuts. Fed creating a launch pad for gold. Amy Coney Barrett agrees to maintain unconstitutional precedent. The government interprets the Constitution to grant themselves unlimited power. Get an extra 3 months. Express VPN:

Trump Out-Democrats the Democrats – Ep 618

Trump extends stimulus olive branch to Pelosi. Kudlow lies behind his mask. Republicans cave on spending. QE goes from tool of last resort to standard operating procedure. Stimulus begets stimulus. Dollar breaks down; gold and silver rally. Gold and silver will move big following the election. Debates need a referee,

Debt Explodes as Stimulus Hopes Implode – Ep 617

Trump temporarily dashes stimulus hopes. National debt tops $27 Trillion. Trade deficit in manufactured goods hits all time record high. Jerome Powell either doesn’t understand the economy or is a liar. Lower-skilled government workers retiring with multimillion dollar pensions paid for by private sector. Donald Trump condemns white supremacy, but

Trump COVID Positive, Job Prognosis Negative – Ep 616

Last jobs report before election overshadowed by COVID-positive Trump. Possibility of a President Pence becomes more probable. Deregulation and lower taxes would stimulate the economy. Consumption is the caboose; production is the engine that moves the train forward. California will need a Federal bailout to pay reparations for the slaves

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Clash of the Titans

In the decades that I have been listening to politicians clumsily trying to explain the economy there has never been a period, with the possible

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Not a printing press

This Is Not a Printing Press

The commentary below is from Peter Schiff, Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, a division of A.G.P. / Alliance Global Partners, a Registered Investment Advisor and a

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