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The Fed Fights Inflation with Inflation – Ep 633

2021 may be the weakest year yet for the dollar. Investors whistle past the mother of all graveyards as inflation mounts. Grayscale printing money and buying CNBC ads. Watch for Bitcoin’s double-top before you let the champagne pop. HODLers on Sesame Street try to silence my video. Walter E. Williams,

Dow 30k. Fed Gets the Credit and the Blame – Ep 630

Markets hit all time record high of 30k. Record TSLA stock price rockets Elon Musk to second richest in the world. Trump takes credit for record markets he said would tank on Biden win. Janet Yellen for Secretary of Debt. The opposite of the Roaring Twenties are here. Bitcoin flirts

Trump’s Prescription for Higher Drug Prices – Ep 629

Hedge funds are no longer hedges; they’re risks. Investors hope for more monetary stimulus as fiscal stimulus dries up. More fiscally stimulated companies going bankrupt. Bitcoin will replace the tulip bulb in future economic textbooks. Trump’s executive order is unconstitutional and will drive prescription prices higher.