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What About Employers’ Day?

Labor Day is coming up on Monday it it annoys me that we just have a Labor Day and we don’t have an Entrepreneur Day.  We don’t have a day to celebrate the employer. Why is that? The entrepreneurs are the unsung heroes of the American economy. I’m not saying that the workers don’t make a contribution, but the assumption, when you talk about workers is that the boss doesn’t work.  If you look at small businesses, in general, the owner of the business works harder that anybody else. They’re usually the first one there and the last one to leave.

Employers Don’t All Get the Luxury of a Paycheck

When someone owns a business, they don’t have the luxury of collecting a paycheck.  They get paid only if there is a profit. They get paid only after all the workers get paid, the landlord gets a check, and if they borrowed money they have to pay interest to the creditor, they have to buy all the equipment, they have to pay all the bills.  Sometimes businesses lose money for years while the owner works 18-hour days.  So that’s who we should be celebrating, but we don’t do that.

Politicians Know Where the Votes Are

Why is that? Why do politicians try to get the votes of the employees? That’s where all the votes are. Most people are employees. Few people have the know-how to run a business. Try to make a business run, try to organize all the pieces and get it to work, that’s a very difficult thing to do, and that’s why most people don’t even try. Everybody gets a day off with pay, which is great for the worker, but the money to pay everybody not to work comes from the boss.

Thank Your Boss

But want to wish everybody a happy Labor Day, especially all you employers out there.  If you have a boss, thank him or her. Express thanks for all the hard work it takes to make sure your paycheck doesn’t bounce.  Anybody can sign the back of a paycheck.  It is much harder to sign the front of a paycheck and to make sure that there is money in the bank so that those paychecks don’t bounce.