Guns & Butter to the Moon – Ep. 402

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A Big Constituency of Highly Indebted People

The fact that you have created this big constituency of highly indebted young people – they’re like indentured servants. The government now loans them the money and now they are in debt to the government for the rest of their lives. But now the government can say, “Vote for me and we’ll let you off the hook!”

You Don’t Have to Repay Your Loan as Long as You Keep Re-Electing Me

Or they might have some other program where they do not completely wipe out the debt; maybe if you work for government for a certain number of years – maybe they will try to craft the program in such a way to make sure that these young people constantly vote for whichever politician promises to keep the wolves at bay: “You don’t have to repay your loan as long as you keep re-electing me.” It is another group of bought voters. Just like Social Security. Why does Trump want to pander to Social Security?  Why does he want to say, “We’re never going to cut Social Security.”? He wants all the people who are on Social Security to vote for him, or to vote Republican.

At Least the Democrats Say the Rich Are Going to Pay for It

No one wants to take anything from anybody. Nobody wants to give anybody the bad news.  Trump wants to be all things to all people. Everybody gets everything; no one has to sacrifice.  No one has to pay. Everybody eats free lunch – no one has to cook it. At least the Democrats say the rich are going to pay for it.  Trump says nobody’s going to pay for it. It’s all going to magically appear because of this booming economy which isn’t even booming. At least the Democrats’ lie seems a little more believable. They are not saying the money’s coming from nothing, it’s coming from these rich people who are lucky enough to have all this money and we can just take this money from them – they’re not going to miss it because they don’t need it anyway, and somehow it’s enough for everybody to have everything that they want.