GND Plus MMT Equals a Marriage Made in Hell – Ep. 444

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The 7th Best Start Ever for the S&P 500

The Dow was up 372 points today, continuing the bear market rally.  In fact, this is the best start for a year in almost 30 years – 28 years to be exact. I think it is the 7th best start ever for the S&P 500.  Now I think the other 6 starts that were better; 3 of those happened during rather dubious circumstances. Two occurred during the Great Depression, and one of them happened in 1987, and we all know how that year ended up. So sometimes getting off to a good start doesn’t necessarily mean that the year is going to finish strong, or the year, itself, is going to be a prosperous year. Again, I think the main reason that the market is so strong early this year is, A) because of the sharp decline we had at the end of last year and B) because the Federal Reserve came in to save the market precisely the way I had forecasted for many years.

How Many Times Can the Market Rally on the Same Good News?

We had a lot of news today that was supposedly good news which provided the extra catalyst for the market.  The question, of course, is, “How many times can the market rally on the same good news? One of the pieces of good news was the fact that it looks like maybe there is some kind of compromise on the border that will avert a second government shutdown, and that is supposedly good news. Of course, we’ve been having this type of good news over and over again.

Also, on the trade front, there were some rumors that the negotiations were going well (some of these rumors started by Trump), so when the market hears that, and that they will probably extend the deadline.  If the negotiations were really going great, they wouldn’t have to extend the deadline.