A clueless irresponsible dolt

Hey Peter
Just wanted to say- Thanks for being a clueless irresponsible dolt. The implication that most people would rather live on unemployment than get a job is incredibly stupid. It’s hard enough trying to get Boehner to do his f*c&ing job without people like you encouraging him to ignore the people who are losing their homes and can’t find work. Are you too dumb to understand that is the case for many people? I heard very little if any mention of a legitimate need. I worked for 35 years and never lost a job. Now I’ve been out of work for 8 months, my benefits ran out a long time ago. A job didn’t just pop up when my checks stopped coming. I won’t be able to pay my rent after this month. My savings is all gone and I hear you making it sound like I’m on a fucking vacation. You also claim next I’m gonna go on disability? Entertaining people is one thing but to misrepresent the majority of people on unemployment and then double down on that? When you sink to such cheap shots it indicates you lack talent. Interesting how you didn’t take a single call from someone who disagreed with you. Clearly you live in a bubble and/or have no sense of responsibility or you are insecure in your ability to defend your position. You don’t know most people Peter quit making it sound like you do. Just because you are comfortable collecting a free check and the people you hang out with are all of the same ilk it doesn’t mean most people are like that. If ignorance is bliss you must be multi orgasmic. Thanks for all your help, you really are contributing to society by discouraging programs to assist people in need based on your inaccurate assumptions. That’s the best way to deal with things , pretend to know something about the subject and run with it. I’m glad you don’t understand what it is like to be in my situation but its unfortunate you aren’t intelligent enough to appreciate how fortunate you are.

San Jose, CA