Just saw an online clip of your appearance on the Daily Show. You are a douche-bag, and it was fun to watch you set fire to a portion of your credibility on national cable television. Christopher Minneapolis, MN

Capital Punishment

Arrogant, ignorant, son-of-a-b*#ch, c#*ks*cker, f*!*ing prick, capital punishment, pus bucket, wh^re. These are words I would use with your name. i’d love to catch you in a dark alley and give you what you really deserve you f*!*ing b@$t#rd. God. David Fort Collins, CO

Economics 101

Mr. Schiff, I’ve just watched your interview responding to the minimum wage increase proposal. I sincerely hope you do more interviews on this and similar topics. One could hardly ask for a more illuminating debunking of the half baked theories that you and your colleagues promote as “Economics 101” than to hear you propound them. …

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