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Even Jim Cramer Knows More Than the Fed – Ep. 414

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Optimism Over No Tariffs Fueling Market Move

Donald Trump, I think, was the reason the markets ended up finishing in the black today, at least most of the major indexes.  In fact, the only index that was down on the day was the NASDAQ – the NASDAQ was the […]

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You Changed My Life

Dear Peter,

I understand you probably get this a lot, I’ve heard you talk about it from time to time regarding your impact on people’s lives.

I just feel like I should let you know the drastic impact your message has had on my life over the past 18 months.

18 months ago, I was sitting in a […]

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Investors Oblivious as Multiple Bubbles Pop – Ep. 413

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Very Negative Technical Action

We had another roller coaster ride in the stock market today, with the Dow Jones ending down about 200 points, but that was well off the lows of the day. I think we were down about 350 points, or close to it, at the lows. […]

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The Stock Market Economy

The commentary below is from Peter Schiff, Chief Economist and Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital and author of the The Real Crash: America’s Coming Bankruptcy. Please feel free to excerpt what you like with proper attribution. To speak with Peter, please contact Andrew Schiff at 203-662-9700 ex. 135 or […]

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Share Buyback Chickens Coming Home to Roost – Ep. 412

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Surrendered Rest of Post-Election Gains in One Day

As I thought, it didn’t take long for the markets to surrender all of the post-election gains.  The Dow Jones today was down 602 points, so we’ve already lost it. It took one day.  On my podcast on Friday I said […]

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Rising Prices Reflect Inflation Not Growth – Ep. 411

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Dead Cat Bounce Flattens Out

The Dow Jones was down a little over 200 today, closing back below 26,000. NASDAQ composite down 124 – that’s a bigger percentage decline, 1.7%, approximately.  The Composite is being led lower by the tech stocks, particularly the FANG stocks once again taking a […]

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Divided Government Will Produce Larger Deficits – Ep. 410

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Relief Rally Post-Midterms

The elections are over and the Blue Wave was averted and the Dow Jones rose 545 points today to celebrate that fact and the NASDAQ was up 194 points, 2.64%; Russell 2000 up 26 points, about 1.67% .  Now you may be wondering why there […]

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Vote Against Socialism and Identity Politics – Ep. 409

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An Advanced Auction on the Sale of Stolen Goods

Tomorrow is Election Day, or as H.L. Mencken once described the process, “An advanced auction on the sale of stolen goods”.  My wife has been bugging me for some time to urge people who listen to my podcast to […]

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Jobs Are Another Bubble About to Pop – Ep. 408

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Futures Rallied after Drop on Apple News

I want to get to the nonfarm payroll number. This is the big number, and, maybe, because the initial number was good, the market rallied. Although, I think the real reason that the market rallied in the morning is because we […]

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Bulls Ain’t Afraid of No Bear Market – Ep. 407

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The Bulls Had No Fear

Today may be Halloween, but the Bulls had no fear. The U.S. stock markets closed higher today for the second consecutive day – the first time for the month of October. A lot of traders are probably happy that the month of October […]

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