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Dovish ECB Roils Markets – Ep. 363

ECB Announces Dovish Tightening

The big market-moving central bank announcement this week was not the Fed.  They came out with their so-called “hawkish hike”, but yesterday, the ECB came out and they were supposed to announce the end of their Quantitative Easing program, their own version of the taper, which they did.  But they surprised the […]

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Fed’s Inflation Victory Is a Loss for Consumers – Ep. 362

Fed Raises Rates for the 7th Time

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates today.  I think this is the 7th rate hike. Six of these rate hikes have now taken place since Donald Trump was elected; five of them since he was inaugurated. The official rate now is 1.75% to 2%.  The Federal Reserve targets the […]

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Tariffs Did Not Cause U.S.Trade Deficits – Ep. 361

Market Movers: Singapore Summit

We’ve got a lot of potentially market-moving events going on this week; we’ve got the Summit which I think is getting underway this evening with North Korea’s President Kim Jong Un and President Trump meeting in  Singapore.

No Market Move Expected on Rate Hike

We’ve got the Federal Open Market Committee Meeting beginning tomorrow, […]

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Time to Fade the Short EM Trade – Ep. 360

Focusing on Emerging Markets

I’m going to spend most of today’s podcast talking about what is going on in the emerging markets, in the currency market and in the stock markets; what the speculators are doing, why they are doing it and why I think they are wrong and why I think it creates an excellent […]

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Special Privileges for Some Means Freedom for None – Ep. 359

Current Events

Not much has been going on in the economy or the financial markets the last couple of days.  Its been  pretty quiet, so I’m going to take an opportunity to record a podcast more on current events and politics, so if you’re not interested in those topics, then maybe just wait for my next […]

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Jobs Report Feeds Delusional Economic Narrative – Ep. 358

Jobs Friday

Today is the first day of June and it’s also jobs Friday. But before we get to the always highly-anticipated nonfarm payroll number, I want to talk about some of the economic data that came out yesterday, on Thursday.

Personal Income and Spending

I think the most significant release was the Personal Income and Spending number […]

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Making Italy Great Again

By: Peter Schiff, President and CEO Euro Pacific Capital
Making Italy Great AgainThis week, market watchers around the world are justifiably fixated with the high-stakes, high-drama political developments unfolding in Italy. While a political crisis in the world’s 9th largest economy (International Monetary Fund figures, 4/17/18) would normally not […]

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Ep. 357: Populism a Bigger Problem in the U.S. Than Italy

Economy Slowing Down

We got quite a bit of economic data that was released today, pretty much all of it confirming what everybody seems to be denying, and that is that the U.S. economy is, in fact, slowing down, at least the way we like to measure it.  We will get more data later in the […]

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Ep. 356: Oil, Bonds, Currencies, Tariffs & Guns

Biggest Move in Crude Oil

Not much action today in the stock markets on this Friday before a 3-day Memorial Day holiday weekend.  The action was really in the oil markets, the bond markets and the foreign exchange markets. The biggest move happening in crude oil.  Crude was down just over $3/barrel today; one of the […]

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Trump “Victories” on Trade are Anything But

By: Peter Schiff, President and CEO Euro Pacific Capital

Trump Trade VictoryEarlier this year when President Trump began beating the drums loudly, causing fear of a trade war (and assuring us that such a conflict could be easily won), I cautioned that he had no idea the trouble […]

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