Inflation: Stealth Default, Fake Growth – Ep 720

Inflation creating illusion of economic growth. Oil prices go up, but energy stocks get beat up. Fed won’t wage a war on inflation, never mind win it. Robinhood steals from the poor and gives to a few rich hedge funds. Saylor’s Bitcoin comparisons are nonsense.

It’s Game Over if Investors Call Powell’s Bluff – Ep 719

Trade deficit isn’t a problem until it’s a crisis. Home sales fall while home prices rise. Rent prices increased 25% year over year. Fed’s only monetary policy is talk. Markets may have begun calling the Fed’s bluff. Powell finally admits this inflation is permanent.


What exactly is “transitory?” You and your wife may disagree on its meaning when your old friend asks if he can stay with you while he “Sorts things out.” The term is virtually worthless without some guiding context, as in “Honey, he’ll be out of here by Monday. Tuesday the

COVID Isn’t the Reason Markets Got Sick – Ep 717

Bitcoin gets skipped over in investors’ rush to safe havens. Gold mining stocks have never been a better deal. Fiscal stimulus without monetary stimulus is no longer possible. Bitcoin has a sucker’s rally after getting comfortable below $30k.

PBS Frontline Misses the Fed’s Real Power to Destroy – Ep 716

The power to inflate is the power to destroy. Fed ensures most Americans are living on the edge. Quantitative Easing is just another word for government debt monetization. We’re always just one bubble away from the next financial crisis. Government creates a moral hazard with every subsidy it gets involved

Fed Bets the Farm on Transitory Inflation – Ep 715

Government data says inflation worse than the 80s; real data says inflation already worse than the 70s. Hypocritical Republicans criticize Biden for the same policies they pushed for under Trump. Jerome Powell claims economy is great, but it needs the same amount of stimulus as when it was crashing. Fed

CPI and PPI Expose Transitory Inflation Ruse – Ep 714

Fed forced to admit that inflation will be higher and last longer than they predicted. June CPI numbers come in almost double Fed’s expectations. Highest monthly CPI increase in 13 years. Stock indexes are not a hedge against inflation. Producer costs are rising faster than consumer prices. Consumer prices are

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Recently, a piece of collage art entitled “Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” by an artist known as Beeple, sold at a Christie’s auction for $69 million. The Wall Street

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