America Has Never Been Less Great – Ep 620

Bank analysts want more artificial stimulus. Retail sales surge while production crashes. PPP monkey business driving spike in business applications. Borrowing from poorer countries is a sign of decay, not strength. The income tax is proof that Americans are not a free people. Hunter Biden compromises national security and economy.

Almost Everything the Federal Government Does is Unconstitutional – Ep 619

US stock market breaks a 4 day winning streak. Enormous tax hikes being proposed dwarf tax cuts. Fed creating a launch pad for gold. Amy Coney Barrett agrees to maintain unconstitutional precedent. The government interprets the Constitution to grant themselves unlimited power. Get an extra 3 months. Express VPN:

Trump Out-Democrats the Democrats – Ep 618

Trump extends stimulus olive branch to Pelosi. Kudlow lies behind his mask. Republicans cave on spending. QE goes from tool of last resort to standard operating procedure. Stimulus begets stimulus. Dollar breaks down; gold and silver rally. Gold and silver will move big following the election. Debates need a referee,

Debt Explodes as Stimulus Hopes Implode – Ep 617

Trump temporarily dashes stimulus hopes. National debt tops $27 Trillion. Trade deficit in manufactured goods hits all time record high. Jerome Powell either doesn’t understand the economy or is a liar. Lower-skilled government workers retiring with multimillion dollar pensions paid for by private sector. Donald Trump condemns white supremacy, but

Trump COVID Positive, Job Prognosis Negative – Ep 616

Last jobs report before election overshadowed by COVID-positive Trump. Possibility of a President Pence becomes more probable. Deregulation and lower taxes would stimulate the economy. Consumption is the caboose; production is the engine that moves the train forward. California will need a Federal bailout to pay reparations for the slaves

A Debate to Forget – Ep 615

Stock market finishes the worst September since 2011. Silver down on the month, but outperforms stock market on the quarter. Stephen Roach speculates 35% collapse in the US dollar in 2021. Paying taxes is nobody’s patriotic duty. Home appraisers aren’t racist. Democrats pissed they can’t put black people deeper into

The Stock Market Needs the Fed More Than Gold – Ep 614

Dollar rallies in the face of stock market fall. Bubble stocks more bubblicious. Monetary stimulus only stimulates inflation. Daymond John wants the government to print more money. It’s not an L-Shape or V-Shape recovery, because it’s not a recovery. Too much can kicking has made the can too big. Democrats

Political Tension Puts Near-Term “Stimulus” in Doubt – Ep 613

Everything gets slammed. Chart looking weak for the Dow and Russell, strong for silver. Bloom coming off the rose of economic recovery. Political tensions rise with death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. US government is the biggest threat to America, not terrorists or COVID. Fiscal stimulus requires monetary stimulus. The constitution

Fed Not Dovish Enough for Markets – Ep 612

Rough ride for the indexes this week. Fed commits to 0% interest rates until 2023. Neel Kashkari thinks that’s not enough. Air is coming out of the retail sales bubble. Temporarily closed businesses close permanently. Markets ignoring dangerous warning signs. Trump stabs Republicans in the back. American energy companies are

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A Black Swan with Teeth

By Peter Schiff For years I have been warning that during the age of permanent stimulus (which began in earnest with the Federal Reserve’s reaction

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