Dow 30k. Fed Gets the Credit and the Blame – Ep 630

Markets hit all time record high of 30k. Record TSLA stock price rockets Elon Musk to second richest in the world. Trump takes credit for record markets he said would tank on Biden win. Janet Yellen for Secretary of Debt. The opposite of the Roaring Twenties are here. Bitcoin flirts

Trump’s Prescription for Higher Drug Prices – Ep 629

Hedge funds are no longer hedges; they’re risks. Investors hope for more monetary stimulus as fiscal stimulus dries up. More fiscally stimulated companies going bankrupt. Bitcoin will replace the tulip bulb in future economic textbooks. Trump’s executive order is unconstitutional and will drive prescription prices higher.

If COVID Didn’t Hurt Stocks, Why Should a Vaccine Help? – Ep 628

Another vaccine, another rally. Easy money is here to stay no matter what happens with COVID. Price surges coming. Was Buffett embarrassed by his big Barrick buy? Ray Dalio recommending the entire Euro Pacific investment strategy. Airbnb going public with no reason for optimism. Hidden agenda of Bitcoin whales is

Biden Advisor Proposes National Paid Vacation – Ep 627

Biden advisor proposes another lockdown; says the Fed will pay everyones’ wages. Is it a Trojan horse for UBI? No recovery in sight for the economy, only a relapse. Democrats fight for Senate control through Georgia. Americans in their 70s taking on record debt. 60 Minutes Australia compounds their damages.

There’s No Vaccine for What Really Ails the U.S. Economy – Ep 626

Big moves in all the markets on news of COVID vaccine from Pfizer. COVID vaccine will not be ready soon. Investors sell stay-at-home stocks and buy the leave-the-house stocks. Gold gets thrown out with the safe-havens. Bitcoin has the least volatility. Statehood for Puerto Rico would be a disaster.

Dollar Dumps as Stock Market Pumps – Ep 625

Investors having deer in headlights moment. The light at the end of the tunnel is a Mac truck. Rally in gold stocks are a small taste of what’s ahead. Biden has the same tricks to play as Trump. Biden, like Trump, criticizes the stock market as a candidate and will

Investors are as Clueless as Pollsters – Ep 624

The election polls were horribly wrong. Blue wave barely makes a splash. Wall Street content with the election results. Biden will reregulate what Trump deregulated. Biden regulations will take toll on workers. China and pharmaceutical companies optimistic on Biden. Pot stocks get smoked. Ranked voting would blow open the Democrat

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A Black Swan with Teeth

By Peter Schiff For years I have been warning that during the age of permanent stimulus (which began in earnest with the Federal Reserve’s reaction

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