The Fed Can’t Be Honest About Inflation – Ep 688

Inflation concerns increase along with commodity prices. Trade deficit will fuel inflationary spiral. Government reclassifying our rights as privileges so they can take them away. Supreme Court sets precedent for the federal government to start seizing property. Americans need property rights, not property privileges.

Biden and Powell Do America – Ep 686

New record high in S&P and Nasdaq. New record high in monthly trade deficit. New record high in shipping containers falling off ships into the ocean. Powell not worried about increases in the cost of living. The middle class created labor unions and then, like Frankenstein’s monster, the unions turned

Less of What’s Taxed, More of What’s Subsidized – Ep 685

Jeff Gundlach sounding a lot like Peter Schiff again. Biden’s American Families Plan extends entitlements to child care and sick leave. Covid policies created multiple layers of unemployment fraud Government wants to pick winners and losers in the economy. IRS going after business owners with new increased auditing budget. Presumption

Government Spending Is Taxation – Ep 684

Stock market indexes break their 4-week winning streak. Biden tax plan creates bearish environment for stock market. Technical data for the dollar continues looking weaker. Conspiracy theories surrounding the Perth Mint are wrong. Republicans opposing Biden’s tax plan are hypocrites.

The Woke Mob Silences Dissenters – Ep 682

Woke mob is preventing justice and cramping freedom of speech. We should be mourning the death of justice, not the conviction of Derek Chauvin. Jurors can now go home as heroes instead of fearing for their lives. George Floyd didn’t sacrifice himself for justice. It was justice that was sacrificed.

Trial by Mob: Injustice in America – Ep 681

George Floyd’s autopsy results show he died of hypertension, heart disease, and drug overdose that complicated police subdual, restraint, and compression. Video of Derek Chauvin shows he was following procedure and not trying to murder George Floyd. Maxine Waters urges BLM to be more confrontational with their protests. Benjamin Crump

Is Dogecoin the New Bitcoin? – Ep 680

Record setting day and week for the markets. Dollar sells off as gold rises. China eases restrictions on gold imports. There is no silver scam at the Perth Mint. CNBC treating the Coinbase IPO like they did the AOL Time Warner merger. Bitcoin lost 97% of its value measured in

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Recently, a piece of collage art entitled “Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” by an artist known as Beeple, sold at a Christie’s auction for $69 million. The Wall Street

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Springtime for GameStop

The central idea in the classic Mel Brooks comedy “The Producers” is that unscrupulous Broadway impresarios could succeed fabulously by creating a play so uniquely

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