Is Dogecoin the New Bitcoin? – Ep 680

Record setting day and week for the markets. Dollar sells off as gold rises. China eases restrictions on gold imports. There is no silver scam at the Perth Mint. CNBC treating the Coinbase IPO like they did the AOL Time Warner merger. Bitcoin lost 97% of its value measured in

Madoff Dead, but Government Ponzi Schemes Live On – Ep 679

This inflation isn’t transitory. Higher prices are here to stay. Coinbase IPO triggers a buy the rumor sell the fact crypto avalanche. Jerome Powell has zero understanding of gold. Bernie Madoff died in prison, but his spirit lives on in the US Government. Daunte Wright, like George Floyd, contributed to

Powell Guarantees Fed’s Indefinite Economic Support – Ep 678

Our leaders, including Chairman Powell, are cowards. You can’t buy what hasn’t been produced, no matter how much money is printed. Bitcoin price moves up ahead of Coinbase offering. Michael Saylor’s latest propaganda stunt proves Bitcoin is neither currency nor money.

Transitioning Into Stagflation – Ep 677

Dow closes the week at a new all time high. Small gains in gold and silver. Investors haven’t yet realized the Fed can’t stop inflation. Bitcoin is not an inflation hedge. Record number of Americans don’t want jobs. 60 Minutes is fake news. US Customs targets me at the airport.

Fed Can’t Put Inflation Genie Back in the Bottle – Ep 676

Jamie Dimon touts optimistic fairy tales. Moratoriums on evictions and student loan payments boosting consumer spending. The 70’s were an economic disaster because of the policies of the 60’s. Fed betting the house on inflation being transitory. China’s digital Yuan threatens both Bitcoin and the US Dollar.

Biden Wants to Lead the World to Less Freedom – Ep 675

Stock markets hit record highs. Weakness in Russell shows recovery is happening outside the US. Biden and Yellen push for collusion through global tax cartel. Nobody has voting rights. Democrats want to keep dumbing down the voter base.

Employees Returning to Work Is Not Job Creation – Ep 674

Restored jobs will be lost again permanently. Gold bulls throwing in the towel. Archegos is a lesson for Bitcoin HODLers. Derek Chauvin’s trial begins with odds against him. Media ignores murderers if they’re the wrong race or gender. Hate Crime laws will lead to Thought Crime laws.

Biden’s Plan Will Weaken Economy & Lessen Opportunity – Ep 673

Treasury bonds creep higher to new post-Covid highs. Gold sellers are not Bitcoin buyers. Market has been buying Fed’s bluffs. Ferocious moves in gold ahead. Covid is incomparable to the tragedies of war. Biden takes a stake to the heart of capitalism. The middle class was created by capitalism and

Inflation: Fed Won’t Pick a Fight It Can’t Win – Ep 672

Markets rally as the rotation to value and dividend stocks continues. Treasury yields slip. Big moves in oil and dollar. Gold and silver take a hit. Unemployment and trade deficit numbers dangerously high. Powell’s tool will turn the economy from recession into a depression. FOMC looking to advance a political

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Recently, a piece of collage art entitled “Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” by an artist known as Beeple, sold at a Christie’s auction for $69 million. The Wall Street

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Springtime for GameStop

The central idea in the classic Mel Brooks comedy “The Producers” is that unscrupulous Broadway impresarios could succeed fabulously by creating a play so uniquely

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