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Trump Honeymoon Ends Before Marriage Begins – Ep. 221

As I said on a prior podcast, this could be the first Presidential Honeymoon to end before the marriage officially begins
Donald Trump will not be sworn in until Friday
Yet the Honeymoon already appears to be over for the Trump Trade
The dollar continues to decline again today; gold continues to rise
Confounding the experts who, at the beginning of the year, predicted the opposite
Gold up again today about $14 it was up $4-5 yesterday, on the Martin Luther King holiday
 We’re now at about $1217 for the price of gold
We’re still below where we were the day Trump won
But this is the highest […]

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    Government Can’t Do Anything Right – Ep. 220

    It’s Friday the 13th and it is a Friday before a 3-day holiday weekend Monday, of course is Martin Luther King Day The stock market will be closed in observance of the holiday Once again, I guess Friday the 13th was bad luck for those hoping for Dow 20,000 In fact, the Dow finished the […]

    Will Trump Follow Obama In His Failure To Deliver? – Ep. 219

    The NFIB Index of Small Business Optimism in the month of December, so this is post the election of Donald Trump Shot up from 98.4 in November to 105.8 This is the highest level in 12 years – since before Obama was President And it’s the biggest monthly jump in 37 years You have to […]

    Obama Hands Trump Huge Bubble – Ep. 218

    Yesterday we got the final jobs report of the Obama era, We got the December Non-Farm Payroll. Now technically, when we get the January number, the first Friday of February, Half of that would have been during the Obama presidency, But because we won’t get the official news until the Trump presidency, I’m sure that […]

    Bitcoin Again Approaches Parity with Gold – Ep. 217

    This is another big week for economic data; it is a holiday-shortened week On Friday we get the big Non-Farm Payroll report If it’s a good number, somehow Donald Trump will try to take credit for it, as he has for the rise in the stock market But I think that the job numbers, while […]

    Hollywood Minimum Wage Hypocrisy – Ep. 216

    The Dow 20,000 party is going to have to wait until 2017 Although I wouldn’t necessarily buy a ticket for January The selloff that started this week may resume in the first week of the new year The dow rang out the old year with a 57-point loss to cap a losing week Probably the […]

    Ep. 215: Irrational Exuberance Trumps All

    The Dow 20,000 party is going to have to wait – at least for another day The Dow was down a little bit today – 23 to 19,918 The broader market was a bit weaker than the Dow The markets continue to shrug off very weak economic news that came out throughout the day We […]

    Fed Fakes Confidence With Another Dec. Quarter Point Rate Hike

    On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve did exactly what they did last year They waited until the last possible meeting to nudge the Federal Funds rate by 1/4 of 1% So now, after 2 years of tightening, the lower bound of the Fed’s range has gone from zero to 1/2 of 1% Now Janet Yellen said […]

    A Candidate’s Bubble Is a President-Elect’s Bull Market – Ep. 214

    It’s been a while since my last podcast and I’ve gotten quite a few emails from people wondering what happened to me I was out of the country for about a week, and I did manage to get one podcast off from my hotel room But when I got back, I was backed up with […]

    QE4 Is Going To Be Huge – Ep. 213

    The Trump fantasy rally continued today, of course the big irony here is that all of the stock traders who were so worried about a Donald Trump presidency Now, he’s Ronald Regan re-incarnated They’re partying like it’s 1983 – when Regan first stepped in the market had a very difficult couple of years We went […]

    Trumped Up Irrational Exuberance Continues – Ep. 212

    The Dow Jones is in record territory, closing above 19,000; they’re already starting to talk Dow 20,000 now The markets are euphoric All the traders who were so convinced that President Trump would be a disaster for the stock market, now think it’s a boom for the stock market It shows you how fickle investors […]

    Yellen’s Remarks Cause Markets To Anticipate The Impossible – Ep. 211

    The stock market continues to ride the Trump wave to new highs, in fact the Russell 2000 hit an all-time record high today The enthusiasm for stocks not being dampened by the carnage in the bond market We now have the yield on the 10-year treasury up at around almost 2.3 And the yield on […]

    Fiscal Stimulus Impossible Without Monetary Stimulus To Finance It – Ep. 210

    What a difference a day makes Between Tuesday evening, when the markets first began to realize that Donald Trump was going to win the election and the predictions of collapsing stocks and soaring gold prices appear to be taking hold Because at one point the Dow was down about 800 points and gold was up […]

    Making America Great Again Will Be Much Harder Than Voters Think – SchiffReport

    It is Wednesday, November 9, 2016, one day following one of the biggest political upsets in U.S. political history As Donald Trump shocked everybody by defeating Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton was supposedly the most qualified person ever to seek the U.S. Presidency, and Donald Trump had no experience whatsoever And the establishment had already sworn […]

    Will A Trump Win Rain On Stock Market’s Clinton Victory Parade? – Ep. 209

    It’s not going to be a new record as far as the consecutive days of declines for the U.S stock market The 9-day losing streak ended today in a huge pre-relief Clinton victory rally The markets had been factoring in a higher probability of a Donald Trump victory ever since the FBI announced that they […]

    Stocks Slide As Jobs Report Keeps Rate Hike Possibility Alive – Ep. 208

    Today U.S. stocks extended their losing streak to 9 consecutive days We haven’t had a losing streak this long since 1980 – that was 36 years ago 8 consecutive down days last took place in the financial crisis year of 2008, so we had tied that yesterday Now we one-bettered it and we’re back to […]

    Is Nov. Trump Victory More Likely Than Dec Rate Hike? – Ep. 207

    Today the possibility of a Fed rate hike in December rose about 10 points We’re now at about an 80% probability, at least the way the markets assess the odds That the Fed will raise rates in December after failing to raise rates today If you remember, after they didn’t raise rates last time there […]

    Was Q3 GDP Rigged Just In Time For The Election? Ep. 206

    Yesterday we finally got the release of the initial estimate for Q4 GDP The Atlanta Fed had originally come out with an estimate of about 3.8 and had steadily reduced their estimate They got down as low as 1.9 before ratcheting it up a couple of times and their estimate was at 2.1 when we […]

    Markets Ignore Fed’s Bullard One And Done Admission – Ep. 205

    The odds of a  December rate hike continue to ratchet up above 70% We had a parade of Fed officials, most recently again today coming out and talking about why a December rate hike is a good idea, probable, possible, appropriate You name the adjective, some Federal Reserve president, governor is discussing it The markets […]

    Pace Of Consumer Price Increases Set To Accelerate – Ep. 204

    The official probability of a December rate hike continues to diminish over the last several days The markets had the rate hike at about a 70% probability; now we’re down to about 60% Personally, I think the odds are closer to zero, and over time, as we get closer and closer to that December meeting, […]

    Media Trumps Up Obama To Help Clinton – Ep. 203

    It’s another week where the dollar remained relatively firmly bid; the dollar index closing just above 98 Gold prices seem to have a lid on them; they closed down today about $7 Gold’s not really going down, but it’s not really going up, either What are going up are bond yields, long-term bond yields are […]

    Putting The Trump Controversy Into Perspective – Ep.202

    The most highly anticipated presidential debate in history is over and to me, the anticipation was more like a highly-promoted professional boxing match Right away, as soon as the debate was over, CNN comes out with its poll, showing Clinton badly beating Donald Trump And I thought that, if this were like a prize fight, […]

    September Jobs Report Even Weaker Than It Appears – Ep. 201

    This morning the government released the most important, the most highly-anticipated economic release of the month At least that’s what everybody who trades in just about any market believes And that is the Non-Farm Payroll Report; the official scorecard on job creation and unemployment This time it was for the month of September, the final […]

    Trumped Up Rate Hikes – Ep. 200

    This is my 200th  podcast and I looked back to the date of the first one and it was just over 2 years ago, September 2014 I began this podcast shortly after I ended the Peter Schiff Radio Show I hope everybody is enjoying these podcasts and if you like what you’re listening to, help […]

    Fed Bigger Threat To Depositors Than Wells Fargo – Ep. 199

    It looks like the U.S. stock market is going to close out the 3rd quarter on a positive note The catalyst for the rally today is the big rally in Deutsche Bank; shares are up better than 14% They were in danger of going below $10 yesterday There were nervous about maintaining accounts with Deutsche […]

    The Debate We Should Have Seen – Ep. 198

    I’m going to use today’s podcast to offer my take on last night’s Presidential Debates Which certainly did not live up to all of the hype and expectation But the airwaves today are filled with opinion makers proclaiming that Trump won or Hillary won And of course, all of the people who think Trump won, […]

    No Alien Invasion And No Rate Hike – Ep. 197

    Aliens didn’t invade the Earth, and the Federal Reserve didn’t raise interest rates If you remember, I was pegging the probability of each at roughly the same True to form, the Federal Reserve did pretty much exactly what I thought they were going to do and not raise interest rates Now I thought they might […]

    Damned If They Do And Damned If They Don’t – Ep. 196

    This morning the Federal Open Market Committee began its 2-day meeting, where they’re supposedly going to discuss raising interest rates for the second time We’re going to get the official announcement of their decision on Wednesday Most likely there will be no surprise, that they won’t raise interest rates But it will be the statement […]

    Hedge Fund Billionaires Finally Calling Out The Fed – Ep. 195

    We got a lot of economic data released today, most of it bad, and most of it worse than expected What I did not expect was that the market shrugged it off Initially, there was a little reaction; gold jumped $3 but it never gained momentum and it rolled over to -$10 at the time […]

    Fed Cavalry Charges To Market’s Rescue Ep. 194

    Today was a day of damage control for the Federal Reserve It almost seems like whenever they discuss the possibility of a rate hike, they’re really launching a trial balloon They want to gauge the possibility of a rate hike and then if the market kind of shrugs it off, or blesses the rate hike […]

    Markets Rattled by Rate Hike Possibility – Ep. 193

    We had widespread selling in the markets today; it was real carnage across the board Everything went down except the U.S. dollar The Dow Jones was down 394  points – about 2% That wasn’t bad compared to what happened in other indices and other sectors I fact, when it comes to the Dow Jones averages, […]

    Data Dependent Fed Ignores Bad Data – Ep. 192

    Last week on Thursday we got that much weaker than expected ISM Manufacturing number, which didn’t get a lot of attention because it came out a day before the jobs number which cast a pretty big shadow on all the economic data The number came in very weak, as I pointed out, it was 49.4, […]

    It’s Not Bad News Until The Fed Says It’s Bad – Ep. 191

     On Friday we got the Non-Farm Payroll report and, of course, this jobs report is the most important ever Because it was going to determine whether the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates at its September meeting Of course, I didn’t think the Fed would raise interest rates in September regardless of what this jobs […]

    The Fed Up Fix Is In – Ep. 190

    The price of gold continues to retreat Gold was down about $12 today; it closed around $1310 The dollar index up again as more and more people begin to contemplate the possibility of a rate hike in either September or December Or maybe even both, because the odds of a rate hike, either in September […]

    Yellen Basically Admits The U.S. Is A Banana Republic – Ep.189

    Earlier today Janet Yellen delivered her much-anticipated and way over-hyped speech at the annual Jackson Hole Symposium It wasn’t as irrelevant as I thought it was going to be, but the actual relevant part of the speech was lost on just about everybody Instead they keep focusing on whether or not the Fed is going […]

    When Janet Yellen Talks, Why Do People Still Listen? – Ep. 188

    The price of gold fell about $12/oz today; silver prices were down another .28 Both metals have been falling since recent new yearly highs Gold, though is not very much below the highs The real carnage has been in the mining stocks, particularly today; today was one of the biggest down days I’ve seen all […]

    Fed Advocates Higher Inflation And Larger Deficits! – Ep. 187

    The dollar was broadly weaker today with the dollar index closing down .85 to 94.78 At that time gold was up about $18; sliver up about .25 Then all of a sudden New York Fed Chairman William Dudley in an interview on Fox Business basically said that a September rate hike was still possible Look, […]

    Kill The Estate Tax To Save Jobs – Ep. 186

    Today we got the official numbers for Q2 Non-Farm Productivity and the consensus was that it would increase for the first time in 3 quarters; the prior 2 quarters we saw a decline in productivity So analysts were looking for a .5 increase in the second quarter Instead, we got a decline of .5 More […]

    “Strong” Jobs Report More Politics Than Economics – Ep. 185

    What a difference a week makes, or maybe and economic report The two big reports that everybody seems to focus on are the GDP numbers and the jobs numbers It seems that the weaker the economy is, as measured by GDP, the more jobs, somehow, the economy seems to create We got the jobs report […]

    Will The Fed Sacrifice The Recovery Myth To Save The Markets? – Ep.184

    The carnage in global stock and bond markets continues; it really got started last night in Japan The JGB (Japanese Government Bonds) dropped for the 3rd consecutive day The biggest 3-day drop in bond prices in Japan in over 3 years, so yields surging, along with the Japanese yen Of course, this is not supposed […]

    Collapsing U.S. GDP Growth Belies Rosey Forecasts

    Yesterday we got the government’s first estimate of Q2 GDP Of course all of the pundits were looking for a big rebound from the very week 1.1% growth that the government claimed was reported in Q1 In fact, the consensus range went from a low of 2.2% to as high as 3.4%, so a lot […]

    FOMC Upstaged By DNC – Ep. 183

     Today the Federal Reserve concluded its 2-day FOMC meeting and it announced – surprise, surprise – that interest rates are not going up But of course the statement was much more important than their actions because these days, it doesn’t matter what the Fed does; all that matters is what they say they’re going to […]

    Playing The Trump Card – Ep. 182

    It’s official. The unthinkable, according to the status quo earlier in the campaign, Donald Trump is the Republican Nominee Although many wrote him off as a candidate, I never did; I always said he was being underestimated I believed his message would resonate given how horrible the economy actually is and what is really happening […]

    One Quarter-Point Rate Hike Does Not Make Me Wrong – Ep. 181

    I was in Las Vegas for the Freedom Fest and following that I went to Vancouver for a one-day gold conference One of the things I wanted to discuss was some discussion about me on the website and I think it was prompted by my itnterview with kitco, which you can see on my […]

    SchiffGold Joint Venture With GoldMoney

    I’m sitting with Josh Crumb, the co-founder of a company that was originally called BitGold but following the acquisition of James Turk’s GoldMoney they rebranded their company as GoldMoney I agree with that decision because I think GoldMoney is more descriptive of what they are really doing with gold, than is BitGold But the reason […]

    Market Reaction To Jobs Report Confirms My Hypothesis – Ep. 180

    Today we got the Non-Farm Payroll report for the month of June Remember the last 2 reports were quite weak and everybody was hoping for a rebound in June to prove that April and May were a fluke and not a new trend In fact the Fed talked about that in their last FOMC meeting […]

    Fed Minutes Reveal The Easing Cycle Has Already Begun – Ep. 179

    Gold and silver prices continue to march higher Gold was up another $7 today; it closed at $1363.20 – that is the high for the year Silver was up .15 at $20.06 Silver is now going up relative to the price of gold which is very for the precious metals complex Gold stocks are on […]

    Why Buy Bonds When You Can Buy Gold? – Ep. 178

    I wish everybody a happy July 4th weekend; U.S. markets will be closed It’s unfortunate that we can’t really celebrate all the traditions that we’re supposed to be honoring were lost generations ago The values our founding fathers risked their lives for have all been lost I wanted to comment on what is going on […]

    If The Markets Were Healthy Brexit Would Be A Non- Event – Ep.177

    It was Turnaround Tuesday in the global financial markets as stocks are recovering from 2 days of carnage following the surprise Brexit vote in the U.K. The Dow was up almost 270 points today, NASDAQ up about 97 But really the markets got beaten up the last couple days The smallest bounce was from the […]

    Brexit Is Not The Reason; It’s The Catalyst – Ep. 176

    The British actually voted to leave the EU and it wasn’t even that close I think by midnight last night EDT it was obvious that Leave was going to beat Remain I think it ended up 52% voting to Brexit and 48% voting to remain Of course, the markets were taken by surprise, in fact, […]

    Janet Yellen Doesn’t Know Murphy’s Law – Ep.175

    I’m on vacation this week but I did take a little time out to little time out to listen to Janet Yellen’s semi-annual “Humphrey-Hawkins” testimony – she testified first before the Senate, that was yesterday and today she was before the house It used to be a lot more interesting with Ron Paul was on […]