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Clinton, Inc. Daniel Halper, editor at The Weekly Standard & author of "Clinton, Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine," on what we all need to know about the Clintons as America hobbles toward 2016
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July 3, 2014
Peter talks about the collapse of the US dollar, the Federal Reserve, Euroclear, and much, much more.
Tim in Salisbury, NC
I’m currently in the forex market and have been positioning myself for the inevitable collapse of the US dollar. In your opinion, what is the best currency to buy against the USD?

Hernan in Monterrey, Mexico
What do you think will happen to the Mexican peso when the US dollar collapses?

Curtis in Edmonton, Canada
Since the Federal Reserve is made up of a bunch of private banks and they currently hold trillions in U.S. Treasuries, and since the banks and the Federal Reserve are responsible for this financial mess, why don't American taxpayers just default on the treasuries held by the Fed? Treasuries held by Japan and China would not be affected,...Read More
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Summer 2014 Euro Pacific Capital Newsletter
Summer 2014 Euro Pacific Capital Newsletter
The Summer 2014 edition of Euro Pacific Capital's Global Investor Newsletter has just been issued. In this issue CEO Peter Schiff, and other analysts at the firm, tackle the following subjects:

- A review of first half 2014 financial performance in which defensive and inflation sensitive assets dominated the global marketplace.
- An analysis of the increasing U.S. financial regulatory policy on global institutions.
- An examination of how Vladimir Putin is working quickly to construct a non-dollar Eurasian trading bloc.
- An interview with Peter Boehringer, a well-known German critic on the inexplicable lethargy of the Bundesbank's gold repatriation policy.
- A summation of the consequences that Abenomics has imposed on Japanese citizens.
-Also: thoughts on rise of robotics as an investment theme, and the end of the Argentine debt drama.

The full newsletter can be viewed here or on Euro Pacific Capital's website. Members of the press are invited to except portions of this content for their coverage. Those interested delving deeper into these issues should contact Andrew Schiff at aschiff@europac.net or call 800-727-7922 ext. 135.
July 30, 2014
Beverly Hills - Weezer
Linus And Lucy - The Vince Guaraldi Trio
Rainbow (Feat Jack Johnson) - G Love & Special Sauce
One Big Holiday - My Morning Jacket
Re-Volt - Chris Joss
Pure Gravy - Deep Banana Blackout
These Boots Are Made For Walkin - The Coconutz
Revival - Deerhunter

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