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Weekly Recap for 07-28-14 to 08-01-14 - August 01, 2014
Monday - We will have to acknowledge the recession before the end of the year.
Tuesday - Janet Yellen has to maintain the bubble to keep Democrats in office.
Wednesday -Wall Street and big government deny inflation because the Fed supports them.
Thursday - Negative economic data ignited a Wall Street selloff, based on inflation fears.
Friday - All news is bad news for the market.
Weekly Recap for 07-21-14 to 07-25-14 - July 25, 2014
Monday - A QE-induced market rally has nothing to do with economic prosperity.
Tuesday - We're exporting our inflation to the rest of the world and it is coming back to us.
Wednesday - If the consensus is that inflation is not a problem, then you know that it is.
Thursday - New exit fees on money market funds indicate that the government is worried.
Friday - If you think the Obama recovery is bad, how bad is the Obama recession going to be?
Weekly Recap for 07-14-14 to 07-18-14 - July 18, 2014
Monday - Gold will have a lot of headroom when the market is surprised by a recession.
Tuesday - The coming crisis will be the "unforeseen" consequence of this phony recovery.
Wednesday - In spite of economic decline, Yellen claims recovery while maintaing stimulus.
Thursday - Yellen's core beliefs will cause her to wield power with disastrous results.
Friday - The fundamentals of gold are a product of monetary policy, not news events.
Weekly Recap for 07-07-14 to 07-11-14 - July 11, 2014
Monday - Wealth creation is being attacked by Obama and his progressive minions.
Tuesday - The voters are not buying the propaganda that the economy is good..
Wednesday - IRS emails went "missing" after True the Vote learned Elijah Cummings secured their private information.
Thursday - Contrarian personalities are less likely to harm others as a result of peer pressure.
Friday - Fatherlessness is the biggest foundational threat to American culture.
Weekly Recap for 06-30-14 to 07-03-14 - July 03, 2014
Monday - The government is funding political freebies with hidden taxes.
Tuesday - Obama wants to make up the Constitution as he goes along..
Wednesday - Obama understands neither Capitalism nor Socialism.
Thursday - A closer look at the jobs number shows gains in part-time jobs and seniors.
Weekly Recap for 06-23-14 to 06-27-14 - June 27, 2014
Monday - Yellen's inflation goals are making grocery shopping painful.
Tuesday - The Government can't be trusted to keep German gold or IRS emails.
Wednesday - We have to ask, "What other confidential information did the IRS share"?
Thursday - Last quarter's -2.9% GDP number looks more like recession than recovery.
Friday - I posted 2007 flashbacks on my YouTube channel to compare foresight then and now.
Weekly Recap for 06-16-14 to 06-20-14 - June 20, 2014
Monday - The Fed's goal of 2% inflation is an annual tax of $1000 for the average American.
Tuesday - There are reports that the Fed is considering imposing exit fees on bond funds.
Wednesday - Attorneys who argue against the income tax are subject to fines or disbarment.
Thursday - The Fed's cheap money floods Wall Street and the government, leaving Main Street dry.
Friday - Janet Yellen's dovishness toward inflation triggered big gains in gold.
Weekly Recap for 06-09-14 to 06-13-14 - June 13, 2014
Monday - Minimum wage laws deny workers the opportunity to take jobs they might need.
Tuesday - Obama is forcing taxpayers to subsidize student debt for low-wage careers.
Wednesday - The Fed announced plans to maintain QE "for years to come".
Thursday - The silver lining to rising oil prices is the investment opportunity.
Friday - Minimum wage laws hurt workers first, consumers next, business last.
Weekly Recap for 06-02-14 to 06-6-14 - June 06, 2014
Monday - The socialist premise of Thomas Piketty's book will be used in the next elections.
Tuesday - The shaming of America is a prelude to the shakedown of America.
Wednesday -This month's trade deficit will really take a bite out of Q2 GDP.
Thursday - The ECB is "fighting lowflation" in order to dilute debt.
Friday - Today's jobs data show mediocre growth and lower quality jobs with higher inflation.
Weekly Recap for 05-27-14 to 05-30-14 - May 30, 2014
Tuesday - Michelle Obama said nothing about Boko Haram atrocities against Nigerian boys.
Wednesday -The macroeconomics for gold have never been more bullish.
Thursday - Obama's spin on America did not go over very well at West Point.
- When the Fed finally admits they were wrong, gold will rise and the dollar will fall.
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