• A voice of truth

    Hi Peter, My wife & are both 61 yrs old. I have basically gotten 0% return on our savings for 13 years now wished I had heard your advice back in 2000. There is so much false MSM we only recently began hearing your voice of truth. As a God loving couple, we are devastated […]

    A staunch fiscal conservative

    Hi Peter, I first discovered you on youtube a few months ago and have been listening to you every now and then. I’m a staunch fiscal conservative and really just wanted to introduce myself to you and let you know how much I appreciate the work you’re doing. In 10-15 years, I also want to […]

    Thank-you for continuing the good fight

    Mr. Schiff, I just wanted to say thank-you for continuing the good fight for true capitalism and personal economic freedom especially in these times of pro-communist/socialist rhetoric. I’m 35 yrs old, didn’t go to college, have been in the insurance industry as both a claims adjuster and agent since the age of 19, and for […]

    How to Profit from the Coming Devalution

    Dear Peter, My Dad is a huge advocate of the Austrian School of Economics and introduced me to books such as “How to Profit from the Coming Devalution” and is constantly encouraging me to research junior gold stocks. While researching one day, I found videos of you online after Youtube cleverly recommended it to me, […]

    Thankful College Student

    Hello Mr. Schiff, I’d like to simply express my utmost appreciation for the profound knowledge and insight that you continue to share with your audience. As a 20-year-old student formerly studying physical therapy, I was newly introduced to you through your Occupy Wall Street video that was posted by a member on Bodybuilding.com‘s forums. I was […]

    I never once allowed myself to compromise our thoughts on the economy

    Dear Mr Schiff, My name is Graham S. — I hold a degree in economics 2010 grad. I am 24 years old. I have been a listener of your thoughts for years. I listened to what you said, followed up with my own research and when it came to attending class to be confronted by […]

    A fan of your work & books

    Hi Peter, I’m a fan of your work & books.  I’ve got an MBA & I researched for Wall Street institutional investment funds for years before I got a real job developing fast-payback energy saving systems for businesses.  You’ve taught me more about economics than all the misinformation I’ve learned over the years combined. I […]

    Looking for Advice

    Dear Peter, my name is Ethan I am 19 and live in a small town in Vermont called Marshfield. I currently go to the Community College of Vermont part time taking two classes a week. I also work part time with my dad and my older brother logging to be able to pay for the […]

    Keep it coming!

    I love you man!  You are one of the last great thinkers worth listening to in what’s becoming an insane-asylum nation!  I anticipate hearing your daily blog and enjoy your radio program.  Keep it coming! Thanks! Scott

    Fan club in Germany not Army

    Hi Peter, You have a growing fan club in Germany not Army! I’ve been watching your videos since about 2 years ago and you have converted me to the Austrian School. I also recently felt the need to do something political, to spread the word. There is a new, rapidly growing libertarian political party here […]

    From Australia

    Hey Peter What a good show I’ve have put on and I truly like it. Its great that there are international listeners like me from Australia is tuning in for what your opinions on economics. The one thing that you’ve mentioned about the Australian housing bubble. I think there is a bubble in property prices […]

    Help with Economics and Investment

    Hey Peter, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy listening to your new show when I can. I have been following you for quite some time now, and hearing what you have to say has helped to shape my perspective on economics and investment. I wish you the best of luck and […]

    A Positive Influence

    Peter,    I simply wanted to thank you for the continued education and overall positive influence that you have had on my life. I am a restaurant owner in California, as you can tell from my background the last couple of years have been a difficult time for me. Your guidance through these difficult times […]

    Greeting from Fujisawa, Japan!

    Dear Peter-san: Greeting from Fujisawa, Japan! I greatly appreciate your wisdom, courage and professionalism that you exhibit in running your business, your Senate campaign and media appearances. I recently saw a You Tube CNN interview when you were debating a clueless nitwit.   This jerk asked you the last time the government didn’t intervene in […]

    The voice of reason

    Mr. Schiff- Thank-you for being the voice of reason. I’m sure that with all the ridicule you have endured so graciously over the years, you must feel sometimes that few are hearing you, but rest assured — we are. You have completely changed – or shall I say corrected my mistaken understanding of economics that […]

    Free Market Principles

    Greetings Peter – I probably don’t have enough money to ever cross paths with you in person, so I wanted to see if I could get an email thru to you past the screeners. I just wanted to say thank you for your video blogs, articles, books why economies … and your new radio show. […]

    A Legend

    Peter, you are a LEGEND, keep up the great work. Regards, Con – Australia.

    When you owe the bank five thousand dollars

    Peter, I once read, “When you owe the bank five thousand dollars, you have a problem, when you owe the bank five million dollars, the bank has a problem. This is maybe why Geithner can talk down to China and other U.S. creditors. This argument was discredited in some articles I had read early in […]

    Thanks for all you are doing

    Hey Mr. Schiff, My name is Taylor Gay and I am a 23 year old Finance/Economics student at Florida State University.  I just wanted to send you a little message about me and say thanks for all you are doing. If I may, let me start with myself.  Back in the summer of 08′, I […]

    This radio show is such a treat

    Peter, I’ve listened to nearly every television and radio interview, video blog, and Wall Street Unspun you have done for over a year now. This radio show is such a treat, as this 20 year old Schiff-addict can now get his dose every day of the week. You’ve poured gasoline on that small fire of […]

    Three Political Things

    To Peter: I am a Euro-Pac client from the Los Angeles, CA area.  I have Perth Mint gold and silver accounts, and your Newport Beach people have invested some of my money in one of your mutual funds as well as a few energy and food stocks. I have been following you on You Tube […]

    I had no clue as to how economics worked

    Since I can’t call in to the show do to working at the time it is on live, I wanted to send you this message. First up until 6 months ago I had no clue as to how economics worked. I have studied Austrian economics for the past 6 months. I totally agree with everything […]

    A Big Hit

    Now that I see that you do accept emails from Canada I will now start. I have to say your blogs and now your radio show have been a big hit with me. I have been listening to your blogs and youtube videos for about two months. Let me give you some background on me. […]