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Support America's Foremost Political Prisoner ... While Looking Awesome!

As Peter Schiff Show listeners know, Peter's dad, Irwin -- a former presidential candidate on the Libertarian ticket - has been incarcerated for the last seven years in the federal prison system as a result of his legal and ethical challenges to the federal income tax. The still feisty 84 year old has another five years remaining on his sentence. Sadly Irwin's long years in neglectful conditions has taken a toll on his health. Partial blindness and other ailments now make his limited and irregular access to health care all the more problematic. The Peter Schiff Show is launching campaign to bring greater attention to Irwin's plight.

Currently an appeal is sitting before a federal judge; Peter and his attorneys are encouraging the judge to act on the appeal as quickly as possible. We are also trying to bring political pressure to bear so that a man is not forced to live his twilight years in prison as a result of his constitutional beliefs. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of "Free Irwin" shirts goes to his legal defense fund.

The shirts are made from ultra-soft cotton material creating a comfortable fit and are available in a variety of sizes for both men and women.

Order your t-shirt today...and help Free Irwin!

Price: $25.00

Support America's Foremost Political Prisoner...
While Looking Awesome!

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