A clueless irresponsible dolt

Hey Peter
Just wanted to say- Thanks for being a clueless irresponsible dolt. The implication that most people would rather live on unemployment than get a job is incredibly stupid. It’s hard enough trying to get Boehner to do his f*c&ing job without people like you encouraging him to ignore the people who are losing their […]

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Just saw an online clip of your appearance on the Daily Show. You are a douche-bag, and it was fun to watch you set fire to a portion of your credibility on national cable television.

Minneapolis, MN

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Out of Bisiness

Dear sir,  Just you tubed your view on the unemployed people and Euc.  It sicked me to see what a idoit you are.  Im 54 worked 34 years at same place. Didn”t ask for my place to go out of bisiness. Hard to find a job being a little older. Taking min. wage job won’t […]

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Spitting on poor people

Thanks for continuing to spit on poor people, you [email protected]

Toledo, OH

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The Mental Retard

After watching Peter on The Daily Show, I realized that he is the Mental Retard.  Get a clue Schiff.

Dallas, TX

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Sheer stupidity and propaganda

I hope you join your pop in prison.  Your crime would be sheer stupidity and propaganda.

Your “conservatism” is nothing but neo-feudalsim.  Eisenhower and Thomas Paine would be ashamed of you.  They believed in progresssive taxes and a welfare system to ensure economic fairness.

All you believe in is […]

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You are a selfish pr!#k

You are a [email protected]$% and obviously don’t care about people. You are a selfish pr!#k.

Los Angeles, CA

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Capital Punishment

Arrogant, ignorant, son-of-a-b*#ch, c#*ks*cker, f*!*ing prick, capital punishment, pus bucket, wh^re. These are words I would use with your name. i’d love to catch you in a dark alley and give you what you really deserve you f*!*ing b@$t#rd. God.

Fort Collins, CO

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The Daily Show

Saw you on the Daily Show. Did you realize we could hear you? How out of touch, insensitive, and condescending can one may be? What an embarassment.

Los Angeles, CA

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Economics 101

Mr. Schiff, I’ve just watched your interview responding to the minimum wage increase proposal. I sincerely hope you do more interviews on this and similar topics. One could hardly ask for a more illuminating debunking of the half baked theories that you and your colleagues promote as “Economics 101” than to hear you propound them. […]

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