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The Truth About Gender-Based Discrimination Lawsuit – Ep 65

March 26th, 2015|0 Comments

Pao v. Kleiner Perkins: there should be no damage even if there was discrimination
The law against discrimination is unconstitutional
Employees are free to discriminate – they can work for whomever they want
Why should an employer then lose that right?
Everyone should be free to deal with the consequences of their choices



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Jake HernandezWow, a new record. two videos in less than 1 hour. Lol.1 day ago   ·  1
Timothy DevereuxBoom! Cannot see why discrimination lawsuits are upheld for private corporations. Should fall under 1st amendment.1 day ago
Julian PetkovThe mother corporation (what Peter likes to call "the Government") and all its daughter entities can not discriminate. If they are registered as a partnership, they have effectively transferred the ownership to their entity via the act of registration.1 day ago
Sky Kazmidigood point1 day ago
Christopher LundgrenPeter the content overload tonight has been fantastic... much appreciated.21 hours ago
Jimmy SpellGood one! Brings back great memories of the radio show.16 hours ago

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Tina MizanyI was thinking about this today. If the goal is to kill the dollar, how do you retain wealth? These guys aren't going to destroy themselves. As the DOW drops, precious metal increase, although oh so slowly. Now how do you do that and maintain balance as long as possible? Well, we already know precious metal prices are controlled, even with a change of hands controlling the price. China doesn't want a crash either. OK, to the point. Moving corporate stocks to precious metals derivatives, then asking for delivery would do it. Since fake paper maintains pricing in precious metals, they could do this and suck a lot of real money out before the dollars death. What do you think Peter Schiff?1 day ago   ·  2
Ryan Watersblowing up on the launch pad! haha1 day ago   ·  1
James AshleyIceberg Dead Ahead... ding, ding, ding. nawwww just #BTFD (and the band played on)1 day ago   ·  1
John GarrisWhat's going on with Kraft.1 day ago
Stacy Dale BarendseNo. It was good news. Inflation data came in positive lending the thinking that a rate hike will be sooner rather than later. Markets lag on info. Stops were hit and it fially corrected today. Media sensationalism know nothing about how the market works.1 day ago
Matt FauseyI suspect Apple is the lynchpin. A poor earnings report w/ a poor outlook for Apple alone may be a catalyst, and I don't see the Apple Watch as being a stunning success.1 day ago
Sameer SiwakotiAfter merge,kraft's share value has dow is low.y?21 hours ago
Daniel JanssonGreat podcast as always Peter, but it seems you uploaded the wrong file to your podcast! In my iPhone app, Ep. 63 and Ep. 64 are the same episode! Perhaps it's just my phone though..18 hours ago
Jim PC HendonIt's getting harder to hide. Yep prices are down but not for food. Prices are down and retail sales are still in the crapper. Companies with almost NO tangible assets are valued high, everything is so wrong. Beans and bullets, whiskey and other actual tangible goods Freeze dried food I bought has increased %300 in value at the very least.1 day ago
Eloy HernandezWall Street will be bailout no matter what happens,23 hours ago
Terry Bryan BendingIf the fed doesn't raise rates will the dollar crash?20 hours ago
Beth BianchiI see it taking hold now.3 hours ago
Stephen WoenkerPete1 day ago

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