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A Dove in Hawk’s Clothing – Ep. 49

January 29th, 2015|0 Comments

Fed’s official statement released yesterday
Received by the market as hawkish, Fed is still reiterates “patience”
The statement noted unguarded optimism about the U.S. Economy
Fed ignored unstable markets, Europe, oil prices and strength of the dollar
Response: the market sold off and the dollar rallied
Gold declined on Fed’s expectations
The Fed’s underlying goal may be to talk the dollar up and talk the markets down
Strong dollar buys time
Continued “patience” indicates Fed’s true agenda



  • Switzerland Wins As Its Central Bank Surrenders

    If anyone had any doubt how severely the global economy has been distorted by the actions of central bankers, the “surprise” announcement last week by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) more>>

    Swiss Surrender Wins Currency War

    Below, please find a short statement from Peter Schiff, CEO & Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital. Feel free to excerpt. To speak with Mr. Schiff directly about anything more>>



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Brian Davispeter you've given me much strength over the years, thanks for the video.1 day ago   ·  15
Joe GaffneyAnd this is with the new statistical hocus pocus they've added to GDP. >> (AP) "U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis will change the methodology for calculating the GDP to include components such as copyright, research and development expenses, which would be classified as investments. As a result of these changes the GDP will increase by about 3%." << Without this hocus pocus, U.S. GDP would be negative and we'd be heading into recession.1 day ago   ·  4
William CassidyDebt = Credit = Growth.. haha.. we'll just keep it at my house =D day ago   ·  2
Rick CrombieYou sure aren't going to hear about this on the Lame Stream New channels!1 day ago   ·  2
HungJin GweeBut..but the fed said the economic growth is solid! Anyway, you have a reasonable theory that maybe the Fed is trying to push usd up, so that when they delay rate hike or announce qe4, the usd will at least fall from a higher level.1 day ago   ·  2
Sheryl AskKeep educating us!1 day ago   ·  1
Adrian Eric Varona@dangarrett, it's working great for him considering he has been telling people to buy it since it was at $3001 day ago   ·  1
Sim EonThanks for making these, Peter. I listen to each one asap.1 day ago   ·  3
Stacy Dale BarendseGo take a piss in the snow, and see how fast you have to take a leak again..23 hours ago
Eloy Hernandezthank you,1 day ago
Kevin CosgrovePete… i think you're right about a lot. BUT, you do a disservice to yourself by always saying negatively-biased comments. Of course anyone can say a huge crash is coming… i can say the end of the world is coming… and it will sometime…. but you have to admit that if you bought some great stocks over the last 5 years you GAINED wealth.1 day ago
Olli TuovinenThank you Peter.1 day ago   ·  1
Paul Butlerhold on to your butts1 day ago   ·  1
Robert Gs Hillmanand the vatican whore is laughing all the way to their new world order banking system that they want23 hours ago   ·  1
Julian PetkovI am surprised at Peter's misplaced optimism. Why wouldn't they want to tank the Economy, Peter? Please, explain yourself! hours ago
Stephen KrauchickBut it wasn't mentioned in the State Of the Union Address.....1 day ago
David Clink"This nonsense is getting to extremes."1 day ago
Dan GarrettHow's gold working for you Schiff? You sound like Glenn Beck.1 day ago
Susan Colson Morsoni FIGHTING TO FREE ME FROM POD FEES WRLD1 day ago
Susan Colson Morson@ Trent Lott there one more news letter guy thing see I LEARNED MY LESSON no mo newsletters especially if they free. nooooo1 day ago

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