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Shocking Admission & Denial from Alan Greenspan

February 27th, 2015|0 Comments

Government released revised estimate for Q4 GDP
Initial estimate was 2.6; revised down to 2.2
Economic growth dipped from 5% in Q3 to 2.18% in Q4
PMI was expecting 58.7 but plunged to 45.8, indicating contraction
Alan Greenspan commented that the U.S. economy is weak
Greenspan cites declining U.S. productivity
Points to declining gross domestic savings brought on by entitlement programs
Greenspan refuses to blame Fed policy for productivity and savings declines
He predicts continued low interests rates to create the illusion of wealth
In 1966, Alan Greenspan blamed the Fed and their cheap money policies for stock market bubble and economic imbalances
Today, he still believes this to be […]



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Tripp WalkerBuy stocks 4 eva. Play with your Apple products while sipping on Starbux. Trust in your FED overlords and breed like rabbits3 days ago   ·  12
Steve WeissbardSavings? How can you expect savings in a zero interest environment? An entire generation has been conditioned to never "save."3 days ago   ·  7
Bill Margeesalan "the financial genius" greenspan who pumped up the bubble that went pop. greenspan, rubin and summers, three dangerous fools who fkd it up for everyone. days ago   ·  22
Jim StrehlGreenspan knows he's responsible for the housing bubble. You can tell in the interview his answers didn't really make sense. Paul Krugman was affiliated because he influenced him to cut rates. I was surprised he didn't mention him in the interview lol3 days ago   ·  1
Philip KlinckSo Peter Schiff other than gold and silver what currencies are good anymore? Id like to short the dollar in FX but all countries seem to be playing the same game these days.3 days ago   ·  1
Akshay IyerThe genius who said to burn houses so their prices would go back up3 days ago   ·  1
Julian PetkovI disagree with Peter Schiff that the Fed needs to be independent. It needs to be Nationalised. When the Fed is Nationalised, it will no longer be a for profit enterprise and its retail usurers like Morgan and Goldman will be left on their own. At the moment, the US is an Apartheid Economy because of the Fed. Anyone who is in some way aligned with the Fed shareholders gets preferential treatment while everybody else has to struggle to run a business in a fading economy.3 days ago
Konrad SzczepańskiWhen gold will be for 5 000$?2 days ago
Florence Gingerich SommersThat's all they have left--bubbles and phony recoveries. It's not going to save it.2 days ago
Carlos Alfaro AlpizarPeter Schiff what is your word on deflation in the US, media is saying this deflation is actually a good one but same thing happening in Europe or Japan is harmful. Would you be analysing this current scenario and its implications such as QE4.3 days ago
Ilona Magdalena MuszyńskaSorry, I must write it even if I prefer to comment only economical topics. After every Peter Schiff interview in RT is a hot discussion about Russia, RT and free media. Two days ago I wrote my comment how dangerous is telling the truth about Russian economy and Putin's action in Russia. I always saw the US and American people as a source of freedom for word and human rights. Now when I hear how many of you admire Putin and his policy I am really surprised. Many of you declare that Putin is better leader than Obama and RT is better than CNN/Fox etc. Yesterday next person - Boris Nemtsov, lost his life because he talked the truth about Russian economy nad Putin's policy. Maybe you should read more about all Putin victims. The difference between Russia and your country is huge. Talking the truth Peter Schiff is still alive and safe, talking the truth Boris Nemtsov is dead. Do you really think is this only Polish fobia about Putin ? It should be also your own fobia if you don't want to see the world as " a ground zero zone".3 days ago
Ricky CameronThe Greenspan essay from 67 on gold standard woke me up from the linear thinking I did toward economics. The staggering contradiction of his accepting the job at the FED, and subsequent actions mirror that which he critiqued within his essay. Men of integrity are a shrinking asset in a culture that inflates the reputation of compromising hypocrites. Thank you for calling him out.3 days ago
David McCollesterThese are paid minions. PR heads and double speak BS artists. Everyone needs to come to terms with that. Getting mad at the puppet doesn't take care of the puppet master.3 days ago   ·  2
A.c. CargillGreenspan has no excuse for his behavior. He knew what he was doing and that it wasn't morally right.3 days ago   ·  2
Sean O'Connor2.18 growth? how much of that "growth" is from the printing press?3 days ago
Paul MainaFine.3 days ago
David ClinkTick .. tick .. tick .. tick ....3 days ago
Huey TanJohn!!!3 days ago

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