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Brexit Is Not The Reason; It’s The Catalyst – Ep. 176

June 24th, 2016|0 Comments

The British actually voted to leave the EU and it wasn’t even that close
I think by midnight last night EDT it was obvious that Leave was going to beat Remain
I think it ended up 52% voting to Brexit and 48% voting to remain
Of course, the markets were taken by surprise, in fact, we had a rally in to the close on Thursday as everybody was so confident that the polls would be right, and the online casinos would be right and that it was pretty much a sure thing that the British would vote to remain
All of the experts, the […]


  • Brexit is Just What the Dr. Ordered

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    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

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Орлита АндерсэнI CAN'T WAIT to listen to this podcast, I've been dying to hear it since the vote was called last night and the markets went to task...this is gonna be EPIC 😁😂1 day ago   ·  13
Paul ColemanCode word for the Central Bank PUT, "we will do whatever it takes" we will print load of debt, lower interest rates, expand the balance sheets and devalue the currencies, and prop up stock market, bonds, currency swaps etc. and make prices rise.. It usually followed by "this will stabilise the markets"...and so the ponzi debt creation scheme continues until there is a full on currency collapse. Market crisis, CB "we'll print money to stabilise the market", Gov - We'll lower taxes, give your more welfare and print money to fund it", the markets are falling, "don't worry we'll print money and lower rates to prop them up", until one fine day the patient overdoses on debt, and the currency flatlines....This scenario has happened 100's times throughout history but the majority of people never see it coming as they are too busy with the Bread and Circus's.17 hours ago
Dale ScheihagenSpeaking as a Texan, I'd support a Texit, but I doubt it'll happen anytime soon - if ever. But then again I didn't think Brexit would happen either.1 day ago   ·  7
Joseph Dunphyand interesting point is that the Brits, seeing the vote stealing in the Scottish referendum, this time posted enough poll watchers that the vote stealing would be minimized.1 day ago   ·  2
Abbas VirjiPeter Schiff you know that you dont have to stop at 29min.. You could also do a Ep 176-b..1 day ago   ·  2
Ma JunPeter, You ought to mention that Britons now enjoy the benefit of no longer having to pay twice for Game of Thrones: Once through the EU subsidies the series receives for being shot on EU territory (Northern Ireland) and a second time when they subscribe to HBO to actually get the show on their screen. hours ago   ·  1
Jordan Silva1930s all over again1 day ago   ·  7
Carlos AnguloHighly anticipated podcast1 day ago   ·  4
Josh StiemsmaI like.1 day ago
Tomek LaskowskiPeter, we need you in Poland!1 day ago   ·  2
Amir Saadonly 3-4% fall lol wait for Monday when everybody on comp and runing to banks...did u saw dax? Milan Madrid 12-13% down !1 day ago
Ashley PeachSpot on pod cast.13 hours ago
Edwin R NeumannBuy British products,lets support them!1 day ago   ·  2
David Trader JohnsonPeter, you are being proven right again. Thanks for the VOICE!1 day ago

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