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Fed Leaks, Fast Food, Housing & Gold – Ep.98

July 25th, 2015|0 Comments

The Dow Jones had its worst week since January – closed the week at 17,568, down 518 points
Friday’s drop alone accounted for 163 points
Capital One had a huge earnings miss and announced big layoffs
Big losses on bad debt
All the economic data from this year has been negative
There is no precedent for the Fed to raise rates when all economic indicators are down
Normally The Fed stimulates when the economy is down
The most interesting economic news on Friday was a leak from the Federal Reserve
Fed employees’ internal projections are way below the Fed’s public estimates
Projections go all the way out to 2020 […]



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Adam HartmanGold is headed to $800. Then I'll buy.4 days ago   ·  2
John GarrisIf you are not yet wealthy but want to be someday, never purchase a home that requires a mortgage that is twice your household's annual realized income.4 days ago   ·  10
Joey BuonoI loaded up on barrick friday. couldnt believe it was under $7.3 days ago   ·  2
Phineas WorthingtonGreat listen, thanks!4 days ago
Pat OsborneThe Fed graphs were hilarious. With the exception of the data they can control (interest rates) and think they can control (inflation), all of the "Key Variables" STOP VARYING from now through 2020. They're now constants. It's like graphing someone jumping off a building and predicting that they'll be falling at the same velocity that had when they jumped for the entire duration of their fall. I guess they're not predicting any cold winters the next 5 years?2 days ago
Asad Ul IslamPeters cheerleading ain't helping gold going up. Good god.3 days ago
Thomas J RyanThe economic Keynesian geniuses on Fox Biz today are sure the Fed will raise rates 1/4 pt in Sept because Yellen says they will, and China wont make any difference. I'm wondering if they might raise it to 1/8 or 1/4, then leave it for a QE4 after a quarter or two? That way they could save face and say they raised rates and still do QE4?22 hours ago
Gregg WoodsThanks for the info Peter! Very much appreciate your work.4 hours ago
Gami GodwinHow are u sir21 hours ago
Michael DriverStop being sheep people! Look at the mutual funds Peter runs...EPIVX, EPIBX, EPGFX. Peter has lost his clients a fortune! And he lost all that money during one of the great bull runs in history! (that cant be easy to do). Do the research yourself! He is a snake charmer that has been consistently wrong on the markets (he lost his clients even more in 2008 when he was supposedly "right)". Do the work people and stop being sheep!2 days ago
Richard GoldspinkThe market has definitely topped without further QE.3 days ago
Patrick FreedomThat's how restaurants work now already! Hostesses and waiters with college degrees!!!2 days ago
United States Citizens for the Diplomatic Recognition of LiberlandPeter Schiff - Sign the Petition! We need 100,000 Liberty minded Americans to sign by August 20th. Spread the word and help establish the international recognition that the world's first libertarian country deserves. days ago
Maria BahenaSexy4 days ago

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