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Currency Traders Still Buying Rate Hike Rhetoric – Ep. 85

May 22nd, 2015|0 Comments

The U.S. dollar started out this morning on the defensive
Government released CPI numbers generated a sharp reversal across the board
Gold sold off, but closed slightly down against the dollar
April CPI up just .1% on the month; year over year prices dropped -.2%
Lowest CPI since October 2009
Core CPI (excludes food & energy) rose .3%
Biggest monthly jump since March 2006
News sent dollar up on anticipation that rate hike will be more likely
Inflation benchmark is just as real as the 6-1/2% unemployment goal
Traders still haven’t figured out that if we ever approach the goal, it will be moved
Biggest factor within the .3% rise […]




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Steve HoganHike rates in 2015? The economy collapses spectacularly sooner. Hike rates later? The economy collapses even more spectacularly later. Pick one.3 days ago   ·  1
Stacy Dale BarendseRates are going up without FED.3 days ago
Kevin Kay"Extend and Pretend" very good, I like it!2 days ago
Ted CuddyThe "strong dollar" comment is amusing. Sure its the strongest of the shit paper currencies but it is still paper. Gold flat? I'd much rather hold gold than any more paper than necessary. Pete is spot on. The fed has boxed itself in. No rate hike. How can they? How would this economy survive a rate hike being the greatest debtor nation on the planet? Now or later, the U.S. is in for more pain and plummet of living standards than we can imagine. Its a mathematical certainty. This game is unsustainable.1 day ago
Randy James FlavinPay as you go or play as you go.....?Not your daddy's poker game...3 days ago
Michael MolnarMaybe they will stop believing the lie once 2015 comes to an end without a rate hike.3 days ago
Blane LanePeter, your rate hike v. QE is such a big-gamble prediction. Gold is still flat, the dollar has been "strong." Your international mix has been spot on. So, you're 1 for 3. I am still long U.S. Equities, but will finally bail if S&P breaks through 2100, if not sooner.2 days ago
Dyan BermeoA lot of them still believe inn the Euro and I talk to some of them on Twitter and I warned them of Greece and Sweden and I was right.1 day ago
Nicolás G. NeumannEconomic calendar for tuesday, 26 May: -Durable goods orders. -Case-Shiller home price index. -FHFA home price index. -Consumer confidence index. -New home sales.16 hours ago

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