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Economy is Weakening But at Least the Cost of Living is Rising – Ep. 63

March 24th, 2015|0 Comments

Bad economic news coming in is more a deluge than a trickle
Dollar continuing to drift lower since “patience” was removed
New Zealand dollar record high against the euro and the Australian dollar
New Zealand enjoys a strong currency, economic growth, low inflation and low unemployment
Swiss franc had a strong day today
Chicago Fed National Activity Index revised down to -.11
Three consecutive months of declining numbers
Deteriorating numbers reflect pattern similar to pre-QE3 months
Existing home sales number below estimates
February new home sales up, however
Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index -8, twice as low as most negative forecast. declining 4 times in 5 months
CPI came in at .2%, […]



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Steve HoganThe "price inflation is good" meme is getting old. Wall Street gets to gamble with pretend money and Washington gets to inflate away its debt. The rest is pure baloney.8 hours ago   ·  1
Harsh Deep SinghExpect Yuan to be replaced with the US dollar as the reserve currency. Its party over for the phoney money created out of air.3 hours ago
Michael Smithexactly. i can't think of anyone i know who wants to pay higher prices year after year (and have their savings reduced, as well).6 hours ago

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