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Fed Might Begin Thinking About Raising Rates at Some Point – Ep. 56

February 25th, 2015|0 Comments

Janet Yellen’s prepared remarks were the most dovish yet
If economy is improving, why do we still need “a high degree of accommodation?”
There is still room for “substantial improvement in the labor market”
Any modification of guidance will not necessarily indicate rate increase
Yellen states lower energy prices is positive for the economy, yet looks for higher inflation
The Fed says outlook is data dependent and the data is getting worse



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Cheri LeasMaybe during Yellen's next statement, the country will find out that the Fed feels that we have possibly progressed to the point that the liklihood exists that the Fed may continue thinking about the probability of considering the potentiality of perhaps raising interest rates when it seems plausible to do so. Progress is sweet!1 day ago   ·  7
Jim Strehlyellen is going to raise rates when pigs fly1 day ago   ·  4
Scott AtwoodI'm guilty. Didn't watch the vid first. But I was just joking when I said it. Been watching Peter for 10 years or more.1 day ago   ·  2
Tripp Walkerin a couple of centuries...1 day ago   ·  2
John LeStargeYellen was only asked softball questions by Congress. It was pathetic.1 day ago   ·  2
Sunil PatelShe'll try, but it will end up back at 0%.1 day ago   ·  1
Mike C PodlesnyFed policy in programming terms 10 print "money" 20 goto 101 day ago   ·  1
Yaakov SchatzIsrael is along the coast of the Mediterranean and most of it is not a desert. The prices of water are government controlled and were raised from about a dollar per 1000 litters to about 2.5$. This was done in order to allow for wide desalinating. Now the prices were reduced by 10%, which of course is close to meaningless (maybe 5$ a month for an average household).15 hours ago   ·  1
Jorge MarullThis story ends up pretty bad, this artificial thing won't last18 hours ago   ·  1
Scott AtwoodThought you said they would never raise rates?1 day ago
Mike WhiteWe'll see rates rise in early 2017 and the the stock market will drop 30%! Good times.......good times!!!!3 hours ago
Lee CapeWhat's specifically going to happen when rates rise and how are they staying low with the end of QE? Is it because of excess reserves?15 hours ago
Stacy Dale BarendseNo last year.1 day ago
Milan MamusichIn Europe we have seen the type of crisis Madame Chairman Yellen is so busy working on with the rest of her cronies at the Board of Governors at the FED. My parents generation still vividly remember the greatest ever recorded "Pengő" hyperinfaltion (surapssing that of the Weimar Republic in Germany and the more recent Zimbabwe deabcle) that happened in Hungary after WW II. When the Soviets occupied Hungary they engaged in what today would be called QE infinte to bring the country to its knees. They succceded. Peter Schiff is absolutely right, that no country has ever escaped unpunished moneyprinting on the scale the US is emgaged in right now, I believe that the coming US hyperinflation heralded by Peter Schiff will surpass that of Hungary which happened in 1946. hours ago
Hasnain KazimPeter, i love your analogy on the 16 year old boy thinking about "GIRLS" LOL HA HA absolutely wonderful !4 hours ago
Joseph BergrathWhy isn't cheap money a good idea?16 hours ago
Justin Thomas TrombleyYou're at your best here, Peter. Thanks for another great show.8 hours ago
Jimmy Spellthink1 day ago
Lynda K Quadlandyep like 2% tomorrow.10 hours ago
Connor MacleodNO THEY WONT1 day ago
Paul Butlerpeter this video is one that has surfaced of micheal the gentle giant brown, SMASHING A GUYS FACE IN. so please watch it show it on your channel21 hours ago
Jake HernandezIt's psychological. When people hear "we'll consider raising rates" if the economy improves, people process "we will raise rates" if the economy improves. Those particular people can't or won't understand the difference. Then, because of the FED's earlier meetings, these people then equate those words to "we'll raise rates somewhere around summer" which also leads to "we believe the economy will improve in the summer or second quarter." Basically, they are thinking the same exact thing as always even though the FED is saying something completely different this time around. It's a very linear type of thinking that prevents people from understanding distinct differences such as details.12 hours ago
Frank CorteseBulldung from pathological liar criminals1 day ago
Daniel DeLorshMaybe they going to go below 0 :D5 hours ago

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