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Labor Force Participation Rate Plunges to 38-Year Low – Ep. 92

July 2nd, 2015|0 Comments

Happy 4th of July to everyone
Unfortunately, we have given up our independence to government tyranny
I will be back on the radio again – I’ll be on the Alex Jones Show every first and third Friday of every month when the Non-Farm Payroll numbers come out
I will be doing tomorrow’s show – the second hour of the show
The Non-Farm Payroll Report came out early this week because of the 4th of July holiday
The consensus forecast of 230,000 jobs was close to the actual number 223,000
The unemployment rate of 5.5% last month was expected to come in at 5$% – actually came […]


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On today's show, financial analyst and author Peter Schiff discusses the Greek collapse, Puerto Rico's faltering economy and how America's monetary policies ...

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Clarence PetersonAlex Jones is nuts. I only listen to him if he has a good guest on, like Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Gary Johnson, or Walter Jones.24 hours ago   ·  9
Jason CunninghamPeter taking over the slot that Bob Chapman (RIP) used to have... Friday Economics21 hours ago
Sim EonPeter you're awesome. Alex Jones is awful.1 day ago   ·  14
Darran McDermottI don't mind listening to Alex Jones. He should be Peter's guest though. Schiff for president1 day ago   ·  5
Emc ClarkPeter, there are some issues I want to hear about - defecit, economic development, globalization, Civil Rights. We need to tone down the vitriolic rhetoric, else there is going to be something worse than Baltimore and Ferguson coming. We need to hear about the deficit without all the mouthpieces stirring the pot. I want to hear you, not Alex!24 hours ago
David ColePeter do you foresee the states splitting up?9 hours ago   ·  1
Steve GraffamThe way peter explains the issues is much more palatable then alex. Fear mongering is the tool the state uses and alex. Peter speaks to people who want to protect finances. Alex talks about how to save your ass while living in fear of everything from your tooth brush to how your life Is ment to fail if you don't follow is ways and buy the shit he pushes .1 day ago   ·  1
Chris DimondIf liberals want to keep crying about economics, maybe they should learn something about the topic?10 hours ago   ·  1
Dominick BrunoJohnny Johnson22 hours ago
Jason Cunninghamyou can dislike Alex if you wish but he has been out on the forefront for years leading the way with alternative media...21 hours ago
Scott AtwoodI want to hear more about the derivatives on Greece. Are they going to be paid?24 hours ago
Michael McCallMixed feelings...22 hours ago
Sue HubbardI like Schiff thinking but looking at his returns on europacfunds not any better or worse than what I've been getting on domestic18 hours ago
Ronnie KönigGood interview!1 day ago
Jeremy ParkerTo bad ur euro funds aren't. I thought u were supposed to be a anti euro play21 hours ago
Adam HartmanGold can't catch a bid yet the Schiff fanboys keep believing.1 day ago   ·  1
Jaime Quiroz JuarezPeter Schiff doing what he does best, making complete sense of the mess. Oh yeah!1 day ago   ·  1
Emc ClarkI am mad at both parties, and was even trying to get people in ND and CT to host a Bernie Rand debate. I had Pat Toomey's office on my twitter because I was upset about the deficit, and Cory Booker's office on my twitter because I was upset about the walk back in Civil Rights.24 hours ago
Kurtis WilleyLooking forward to seeing you at freedom fest.19 hours ago
George MottelNational Fried Chicken Day1 day ago
Uriel Dimitrisalex jones is fine23 hours ago
Danny JayXz Stefan20 hours ago

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